December 30, 2014

Post 197: The 'Toy Story 3' That Time Forgot

Hi everybody! There was a period of time when Disney broke from Pixar and made a company called Circle 7 Animation, which would have made sequels to the Disney-owned Pixar movies. One of the movies they pitched was a third Toy Story. Later, they closed the company and cancelled all of their projects. But now we have a idea of what their third movie would have been like.

Circle 7 Toy Story 3 - Image 15"It is difficult to say how this version of Toy Story 3 would have turned out because we never got to see the final product. Still, the version that we did get, that was masterful work from Pixar. Head over to the respective sites of Jim Martin and Shane Zalvin to see more of their work on the never-made film." -Pixar Times

I personally think this idea could have been a decent movie, but it would have most likely would have been nothing compared to the Pixar version that we got. Anyways, see you soon!

What do you think of this version of the film?

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