December 9, 2014

Post 188: Finding Details

Hi everybody! Finding Dory hasn't been given much attention, so after releasing several news stories about their other movies it is time to talk about Dory!
Photo via Disney•Pixar

Finding Dory concept art via Disney•Pixar
"While most recently the news has surrounded Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur, this past Saturday during the CCXP - Comic Con Experience in Brazil, Omlete, who was in attendance (via /Film) shared the small plot detail that was revealed regarding Finding Dory. This highly anticipated sequel to Finding Nemo has been shroud in secrecy with only few details emerging until now.

During the presentation titled "Hilarious Mind Pixar" (loosely translated from Portuguese), President of Pixar Animation Studios, Jim Morris showed the crowd newly developed software which was used to create schools of fish as well as unveiled that the main film setting will take place in the Marine Biology Institute of California just a few months from when Finding Nemo left off. While Dory attends a class trip with Nemo she begins to remember moments from her past leading the trio to the Institute (which is more of a rehabilitation center) where they encounter many new characters.

As Dory continues on her journey learning that she was born in the Institute, then released into the ocean while still young, leaves us speculating that she will reunite with her mom (Jenny, voiced by Diane Keaton) and dad (Charlie, voiced by Eugene Levy) in captivity. Morris also revealed that in addition to Bailey, the Beluga whale (voiced by Ty Burrell) some new characters will also include an octopus and sea lions just to name a few." -Pixar Post
I am super excited to see what lies in store for this movie. I think this plot details most likely will capture the feel of the first Finding movie. Anyways, I'll see you soon!
What do you think of these new details?

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