December 3, 2014

Post 185: The Easter Eggs That Time Forgot

If you were watching ABC yesterday, then you most likely saw the new Pixar Christmas special, Toy Story That Time Forgot! And of course, in classic Pixar style they put little hidden gems. Here is a look at all of them.

"In the opening holiday scene we are greeted by a familiar character, Knick Knack! Stuck in his signature snow globe he seems to fit into the scene so seamlessly that we nearly missed him. In the same frame our eyes were also drawn to a bird near the gingerbread house that resembles one of the characters from the short For The Birds. There was also an ornament on the Christmas tree that reminded us of the ending moon image from the short La Luna - though it could just be a coincidence.
Did you notice the train underneath the Christmas tree in Bonnie's house? You'll notice the famed Luxo ball on the side of the train as well as on the boxes of The Battlesaurs.
Speaking of trains, did you happen to spot the train from Toy Story 3 in Mason's playroom?! 
It wouldn't be a Pixar film if we couldn't find the Pizza Planet Truck, you can see it on the table next to some Lego brick buildings (you can also see the Pizza Planet Truck at the end of the film during the credits).
In every film there's the one easter egg that blows us away or just makes us smile and this would be that one - Mr. Jones from Toy Story of Terror! He is resting in his terrarium up high on a shelf in the playroom. 
This next easter egg can be seen a few times but only briefly, it is a Japanese poster featuring Transitron from Toy Story of Terror!
Keeping with the theme of items from Toy Story of Terror! we spotted a police car toy that looks quite familiar to the police car from the end of the film - what do you think?

The scene above seemed to be littered with easter eggs and Pixar references, from names on board game boxes (Pixarians and a nod to For The Birds) as well as an image of Nemo and Dory - which defiantly caught us by surprise.

While we were watching Toy Story That Time Forgot we were hoping for a Partysaurus Rex easter egg and were delighted when we spotted the orange starfish in an unfortunate situation with the Battlesaurs. We also pondered if the foot could be from Pocketeer and the arm be from Combat Carl? 

Did you happen to notice that Bonnie and Mason are playing the Buzz Lightyear video game from Toy Story 2? You've gotta be quick to see it as it's only on the screen for about 2.5 seconds.
Lastly, if you happen to be a Star Wars fan you may have heard a familiar line during Toy Story That Time Forgot from our favorite character, The Cleric stating to the Toy Story gang "I find your lack of armor disturbing" (the original line was by Darth Vader stating "I find your lack of faith disturbing")" -Pixar Post
Being a fan of Pixar, I did watch the special. I really enjoyed it, I won't go into detail of the special because I do have a review planned to release soon. Also, if you missed the special you can watch on TV on this dates (Showings were found by Pixar Post).
  • December 7- ABC Family
  • December 12- Disney Channel
  • December 13- Disney Channel
  • December 17- Disney Junior
  • December 18- Disney Junior
  • December 19- Disney Channel
  • December 20- Disney Channel
  • December 22- ABC Family
  • December 24- Disney Junior
  • December 25- Disney Junior
Anyways, I have many more posts planned that talk about the special. But until then, see you soon!
What is your favorite easter egg of the special?

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