November 8, 2014

The Pixar Points #9: Pixar's Villains

October might be over but that doesn't mean that we can't talk about villains. But not just any villains, Disney Villains! But not just any Disney Villains, PIXAR VILLAINS! Pixar villains are some of the best villains in animation that I've seen. In this we will look at 14 Pixar baddies and we will find of which of them is the best. So, let's look at the villains that we love to hate from Sid to Johnny. Here we go!

-Sid, Toy Story
The first ever villain of Pixar is Sid. Sid is a the mean neighbor to Andy and is terror to his toys. Whenever he gets a new toy is looking forward to blowing them up the next day. And when Buzz and Woody end up in their house they get to see up-close the terrors that happen inside his workshop. His sister is the opposite she just wants to do tea parties, too bad Sid got his hands on her dolls first, because now most are now mixed with his dinosaur toys, have o more head, or other ways to make terror to her sister's toys. He also has good quotes of his own ("Let's go home and play.") Anyways, Sid is a messed-up kid that no one would want to be neighbors with.
-Hopper, A Bug's Life
Next up is Hopper, probably the most threating of the villains. He has an army of grasshoppers that help him with his dirty deeds, but he barely needs them. He is already a threat with two different colored eyes and terrifying glares. He has everything going his way, expect when birds are around. Hopper doesn't like birds at all so that makes it even more terrifying for his death to be with the cutest new-born chicks. With his power to make everything his way, even if he's gone he will always be remembered in the ant colony's nightmares.
-Stinky Pete, Toy Story 2
Next up is Stinky Pete, the first Pixar villain that no one saw coming. At first he seems like a nice guy trying to get Woody where he thinks he should belong. He tries to make Woody feel good while in Al's apartment. But then we realize where the name Stinky Pete makes sense. The only reason Pete was trying to make him feel good is too make him stay with them in Japan, because he is bitter because nobody wanted to play with him. Not even the rest of the Roundup Gang knew this. Later in a fight at an airport he gets defeated and now lives with a little girl doomed to be drawn all over ("She's an artist"). In short, Stinky Pete should realize their is a reason that nobody likes him.
-Randall, Monsters, Inc.
Next up is Randall, a monster in the inside and outside. You never know where Randall is he can be behind someone and no one would know. He is also Boo's monster even before she went to the monster world and I don't blame Boo or being scared of him. He also a master plan, after being number two for too long he decided to take matters into his own hands and to redo how to get energy from kids: kidnap them and stuck out all of their scream energy at once. But after that he deserved to get banished to the swamps and mistaken for an alligator. And he used to be a pretty nice guy as seen in Monsters University, but later being popular got the best of him and turned the dark side. To recap, Randall is one guy who's heart is just as invisible as he is.
-Darla, Finding Nemo
Next up is Darla Sherman, "She's a fish killer!" Being the daughter of a dentist who doesn't seem like knows what he is doing, she always loves her trips to her daddy. But her favorite part by far is the fish tank, Darla loves fish and her dad always scoops up one fish to give as a present and Nemo is the most recent catch. You might be wondering what is so bad to her, the answer is that Darla is to fish as Sid is to toys. Even tough she doesn't make them into monsters, she shakes the plastic bag like crazy when she gets a new fish. Sadly some fish had to discover this the hard way ("Poor Chuckles..."). Anyways, this give the fish a reason to escape the tan for good. She doesn't do anything extremely bad but I would not want to be a fish who been given to Darla. Anyways, Darla is not the girl to give fish to, but she is the girl give fish sticks to.
-Syndrome, The Incredibles
Next up in the villain timeline is, Buddy, but the preferred name is Syndrome. He used to be the best fan to Mr. Incredible, but after being told to fly home he became evil. And has an entire plan to destroy him. To kill all of his friends and family and make Mr. Incredible lose his hope and kill him. Then send the robot that beat Mr. Incredible into the city, make him look like a hero, then after he is old he will sell his inventions so everyone super and it will be normal to be super. Yeah, it seems like a complex plan but it is easy to understand in the movie. But that shows how evil this guy is. And even if he rejected Mr. Incredible, he still has some loveable fan boy moments. But he should have listened to Edna with the "No capes!" rule. Anyways, to describe Syndrome best is that super fan boys can go super bad boys.
-Chick Hicks, Cars
Next up, Chick Hicks, "Ka-chicka! Ka-chicka!" This is a car that in racing cares about nothing but winning. He already has tons of stickers all over him and has tons of advertising people to him, but he wants to win tons of times. Even if it means to damage other cars. Luckily, Lighting McQueen has a change of heart and helped The King who Chick damaged to get to the finish line. He barely cares for any other racers and when winning the race the press and once fans give him the prize but they doesn't mean they have be nice. Anyways, to describe Chick Hicks I'd say, how unfair Chick is the same amount (if not more) of stickers that are on him.
-Chef Skinner, Ratatouille
Next time, Chef Skinner, the chef nobody wants. At Guesto's, Skinner is the boss of everyone. Until Linguini comes. He realizes that a rat is working with him, he doesn't want any rats in the restaurant because then they will find out and close down the place. Then it gets worst when it turns out that Linguini is the rightful owner of Guesto's. So he is then fired and tossed out knowing he is the new owner with a rat in the restaurant. But just because he no longer works there doesn't he can kill that rat. You think think would something that a normal would do, but there is a catch: the rat is the main character. So Remy (the rat) is doomed. Later on in the movie, Remy escapes and Skinner tries some of Remy's food and likes it. But he demands to he would cooked he dish and he sees a army of rats in the kitchen, so the rats tie him up and cover his mouth with duct tape. Anyways, to sum up Skinner he is a nasty dish meant not to be served.
The next villain is truly automatically evil, AUTO, an expert of neatness and evilness. AUTO has been around for many year serving many captains of the AXIOM, but their is a flaw in his system. After receiving a message that states that no one is safe to live on Earth, AUTO followed this rule for about 700 years (or more). But after an EVE robot gets a piece of evidence that proofs that there is still life, he still wants to follow that rule that wants sent to him. He will stop at nothing to continue the rule even if it means to kill other robots, even WALL-E. So to sum up AUTO, I'd say he is a robot that is truly timeless (with rules).
-Charles Muntz, Up
The next villain that we will look at is, Charles F. Muntz, "Adventure is out there!" What was in the good old days a child role model to Carl and Ellie is now a mad man who's only relationship in recent years is dogs. The only thing that Muntz is so crazy is that is wants the monster of Paradise Falls to capture and proof that he was right. Then after Carl realizes he has gone mad he escapes knowing he know has to help the monster who is actually a friendly bird trying to protect her babies. Anyways, to sum up Charles he is the opposite of the crazy cat lady: "the mad dog man".
-Lotso, Toy Story 3
On to the next villain: Lotso, the evilest villain to smell to strawberries. There once was girl named Daisy who loved her Lotso bear. One day, Daisy took her toys to a trip to the park, but then she feel asleep and they drove off with out her toys, including Lotso. Lotso stopped at nothing to return to Daisy but he saw he was replaced before they got home. He lied to the other toys and then went to Sunnyside to take control of the place. He might seem nice when you first meet him, but you later know that Lotso is cuddly teddy bear. So Andy's toys need to escape Sunnyside who is currently ruled by the bear. Later they make it through the exit but not until a trip to the dump where Woody and Buzz help Lotso from being killed, in return Lotso leaves them to be killed by a very hot fire. So to recap Lotso, I'd say he might smell good, but is pure evil inside.
-Professor Z, Cars 2
The next villain is from Cars 2, Professor Z, one of my favorite things about the movie. One of the people that is working with an army of lemons that are killing cars, so all the cars in the world will turn back to old school fuel. He might not be the leader but he is still evil. He is the one that makes the plan progress. He even fools top secret agents and Mater. But all villains fail, including the lemon gang. Anyways, sum up this car, I'd say you should never make cars mad.
-Mor'du, Brave
The second to last villain is Mor'du, one mad bear. In Scotland there was a prince who wanted the strength of ten men. A witch gave him that power but in the form of a bear. Mor'du was perfectly fine with his new bear body. He has been around for many years with no sign of stopping. Merida went to the same witch but for the spell on her mom. And now Merida and mom need to reverse the curse or Merida's mom will turn out like Mor'du did. Later in the movie, Mor'du gets killed by a big stone and his sprit become a will'o'wisp and he goes away. Anyways, to sum up Mor'du in the best way possible, he is no "I want your picnic basket" bear.
-Johnny Worthington III, Monsters University
The final villain is, Johnny Worthington the third, the biggest jerk in a monster school. Tough we barely know anything about his character he sure is popular online with a tons of fan art. But talking about the movie we know is that he is a president of Roar Omega Roar and that he is mean to any newcomers. But even if we dodn't know that muchon Johnny he sure has tons of fans which come up with ideas that Pixar could use. But I will just say that Johnny is a jerk but sure has fans.
As you can see Pixar has many great villains that you can love to hate. My favorite Pixar villains would have to be Hopper, Darla, Syndrome, AUTO, Charles Muntz, and Lotso. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed on of my longest posts ever and I'll see you soon.
What is your favorite Pixar villain?
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