November 1, 2014

The Pixar Points #8: Changing Stories and Plots

Hi everybody! The Good Dinosaur has been a rocky road for Pixar and one of the most shocking news stories of the movie (so far) is that the story has been "completely reimagined". This has caused Pixar fans to go crazy and try to figure out what has happened to the story. But they should remember Pixar stories usually do change, here's two examples.

  • Toy Story - An old idea of the story was to have the main character Tinny from Tin Toy and was going to have adventure about him being lost and being partners with an old ventriloquist dummy. Later, the story got changed and Tinny became the character of Buzz Lightyear and the dummy because the character of Woody.
  • Monsters, Inc. - An old idea for this movie was about a 32 year old man who had to face his fears through monsters who are always trying to scare him. Later, the main character became a monster and the human character became a girl and became younger.
Those were just couple examples on how Pixar's stories change. So, even if we don't know the new story yet for The Good Dinosaur we know it will probably turn out great and epic. See you soon!

What do you think the new Good Dinosaur story is?

Next Time on Pixar Points: Pixar's Villains (Coming November 8th)

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