November 16, 2014

The Pixar Points #10: A Closer Look at 'Toy Story'

Hi everyone! It's time for a new kind of Pixar Points called Closer Looks! Every now and then I will look at little secrets, easter eggs, and more of works of Pixar. First up is Toy Story, the first Pixar movie and first fully computer animated movie. I should note that I used the updated version of the movie which has the new current Disney logo and has the Pixar logo at the beginning, so if your following along with this post with the movie I should tell you that, you enjoy!

-00:00:51- To get the feeling that you are in a world of a kid you can you at the spelling which includes a backwards "N".

-00:00:58- Another detail to make you feel in the kid's world is the wanted poster which is clearly not real and misspelling bazillion.
-00:01:00- A detail that I think is cool is that Andy used tape to make Mr. Potato Head hold the toy gun.
-00:01:03- The name of the buff toy in the back is named Rocky.
-00:01:18- In the background you can see that Andy owns Operation, Mouse Trap, and Ants in the Pants.
-00:01:35- The way Andy controls Woody is in a very realistic way and the way it is animated like the character has no joints is something I like to call "loose animation".
-00:02:13- You've Got a Friend in Me is the first of the something that rarely happens, songs in a Pixar movie.

I don't know why it is French.
-00:02:25- This is a rare time Pixar called one of their films a production.
-00:02:51- When Woody goes down the stairs, the pictures on the wall might be concept art, but I'm not sure.
-00:03:15- On Andy's shirt you can see a yodeling cowboy with his guitar.
-00:03:19- On the shelf above the fireplace there is more (maybe) concept art.
-00:03:53- The sign on Andy's door reads: "Keep Out! Expect Molly".
-00:04:09- Woody's first line ("Put my string! The birthday party  is today!") was hard to come across.
-00:04:33- The elder lamp form Luxo, Jr. is on Andy's desk.
-00:04:55- The toy wheel of animal sounds can be seen next to Mr. Spell.
-00:05:22- The toy snake and robot don't have names.
-00:06:38- The Adventures of Andre and Wally B., Red's Dream (with Bill Reeves as the author), Tin Toy (with John Lasseter as the author), and Knick Knack.
-00:06:49- An early design of Lotso appears on the Andy's desk.
-00:07:37- A running gag through the movie is Mr. Spell's word screen and the first one is, "What??!?"
-00:07:48- If you look closely on Woody's doodle pad you can "Bubble wrap - Don't pop."
-00:08:34- For a quick frame you can see on Mr. Spell the words, "You're w--". I don't know why but it does.
-00:09:19- The Recon Plan Charlie scene was the first scene to be animated and storyboarded.
-00:11:33- The Luxo Ball is shown bouncing across the hallway.
-00:14:21- Mr. Spell's read-out reads "????".
-00:14:23- The giant wrist watch on Andy's wall has Mickey Mouse.
-00:15:14- Buzz is the least colorful character in the entire movie.
-00:15:23- The shot above is called by Pixar as the "Darth Vader POV"
-00:16:25- Buzz's lime green and purple are based off of John's love of lime green and his wife's love of purple.
-00:17:33- The Evil Emperor Zurg is mentioned in this movie, but not shown, but it was supposed to show up in a Saturday morning cartoon.
-00:19:14- "To Infinity and Beyond"... do I need to say anything else?
-00:19:21- John is a huge Hot Wheels fan, so he had to put it in this movie, right?
-00:20:56- John thinks the replacement of Andy's sheets is the most telling scene in the movie.
-00:21:20- Mr. Spell is reading how much calories Buzz is burning.
-00:21:38- Woody's full name is Woody Pride, that shows here being jealous.
-00:23:38- In my opinion, this is the funniest bit of animation in the movie.
-00:27:32- Most of the sound effects used here are the same used in the classic movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark.
-00:29:37- The infamous A113 appears on a license plate, this would be the first time Pixar would mention the code.
-00:30:11- Dinoco, the gas station they stop at is later a main goal in the world of Cars.
-00:33:12- "You are a toy!" was originally the title for the movie.
-00:33:36- The popular Pizza Planet Truck appears here and would the first to have the truck appearing giving pizza in under thirty minutes and then its free.
-00:35:15- Pizza Planet was in old drafts Pizza Put, a pizza and mini-golf center.
-00:37:26- The aliens were in early versions on the story plastic pizza slices with sun glasses.
-00:40:36- Sid's toolbox is from Home Improvement, a show Tim Allen (voice of Buzz) starred in.
-00:46:36- The grape soda was later the same brand used in Up.
-00:48:30- On Buzz's behind you can see a copyright from Disney.
-00:50:32- Pixar said to Tim while recording this scene, You are drunk on tea.
-00:51:10- How to do Battleship the wrong way.
-00:52:47- Tom Hanks adlibbed this scene with a fake arm.
-01:03:27- The only reason their is a frog is to say the line, "Wind the frog!"
-01:06:36- Originally, the toys were going to come out of the ground.
-01:07:14- Also originally, Woody was going to go fully alive along with Buzz.
-01:12:42- The music playing in Andy's mom's car is The Lion King.
-01:14:46- First Pixar Explosion!
-01:15:10- Favorite shot in the entire movie!
-01:15:40- First mention of a holiday in a Pixar movie! (Not including birthdays.)
-01:15:47- This is the best Christmas tree ever!
-01:16:21- And the final detail is, if you look at Andy's new room you can see that it is mix of both space and the wild west!
As you can see even tough the technology was different back then they still put effort in their movies, and I hope you enjoyed this in-depth look at Pixar's first movie. And sorry I didn't finish it on its deadline, but now it is done. For the next couple of Points I'm going to keep it a bit shorter because I need a small break from these longer Points, but don't worry I have more planned and I'll see you soon!
Is there any other details you noticed about Toy Story?
Next Time: Finding Dory: Good or Bad? (Coming November 22nd)

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