November 21, 2014

Post 179: Reading Goes 'Inside Out'

We have already been seeing a lot of Pixar's Inside Out, a movie directed by Pete Doctor that will show people the little voices in your head, including a teaser trailer and the recent character posters and teasers. But now it is time to see what books the movie will have in store.

"We couldn't help but spread the word that a series of activity books, coloring books and reading books (including the amazing The Art of Inside Out) have been popping up on Amazon to pre-order. The books will be releasing between May - July 2015 and although that's a way off, it's still great to see the titles and merchandise (no covers have been released yet) already starting to appear for the highly anticipated film. We listed all of the titles sorted by release date below - click any title to pre-order the book.
MAY 5, 2015

MAY 12, 2015

MAY 26, 2015

JULY 28, 2015

-Pixar Post

Pixar usually offers great books that can get fans seeing a sneak peek or something new. I own last year's Monsters University yearbook, which acts like a real yearbook while adding stuff from the movie. I can't wait to see what lies in store for these books and I'll see you soon!

Which of these books sounds the most interesting?

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