November 21, 2014

Post 178: Quickie: Fear Fans

Hi everybody! It's time for another News Quickie! It is time to not fear, because the next character profile is Fear!

Fear is the emotion that tries to keep Riley safe from danger. Fear is voiced by Bill Hader who played two characters in Monsters University, the slug and the referee. And Bill will also voice a character in The Good Dinosaur, so is no stranger to Pixar. A couple of cool details about him is an antennae on his head and the old school animation floating eyebrows.

And here is the teaser with him, including an all-new piece of animation.

For some reason, I am really interested in Fear. I think it is because he looks most like a 2D animated character. I can't wait to see what Fear will get into on June 19th.
What is your favorite thing about Fear?

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