November 19, 2014

Post 177: Quickie: Anger Art

Hi everybody! Time for another News Quickie! If you don't know up until Friday, we are looking in-depth at the emotions from Inside Out. And today, we don't have to get mad because we now have a profile on Anger.

Anger is the emotion in Riley's mind that tells her about the everything that seems bad to him. Anger is voiced by Lewis Black, who hasn't really done anything with animation expect every now and then. Some cool details about Anger is his feiry temper and his zig zag tie.

Also, like Sadness and Disgust, Anger now has a teaser trailer starring him in an all-new piece of animation.
I think Anger will be a fun character that can be a grump but who knows we may get to see a soft side to him in the movie. Anyways, Anger has great animation and I can't wait to see him get mad on June 19th.

What is your favorite thing about Anger?

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