November 19, 2014

Post 176: The Good New Story

Hi everyone! A while back it was confirmed that Peter Sohn is the new director of The Good Dinosaur. But we still has questions about the story that what has changed, now we now what has happened to Pixar's 16th movie.

"The LA Times released an article this evening highlighting a series of changes in store for The Good Dinosaur along with a new piece of concept artwork. The article really excites us regarding the story changes which have taken place as well as reveals a new piece of concept art which has a similarity to the original concept art released at the 2013 D23 Expo (shown below). So, what's new, what elements were changed and what about the directing change to Peter Sohn? We have summarized the elements of the article which answer those questions - to read the full article, head over to LA Times.



As in Peterson's version, the film still posits that an asteroid never hit the Earth and the dinosaurs never went extinct; a teenage Apatosaurus named Arlo takes a wild, young human boy named Spot as a pet.
We were excited to see that the premise for the story remained - the idea of the dinosaurs not becoming extinct after an asteroid missed the Earth was extremely intriguing to us.


Over the last year, Sohn has been quietly streamlining the story, a buddy comedy about a teenage dinosaur and a human boy, in preparation for a November 2015 release. "The heart of the story remains the same," Sohn said, in an interview last week. "It's always been about this young dinosaur growing up. But the world itself has changed a lot. Nature has become a character." Sohn has jettisoned some of Peterson's signature ideas, such as modeling the dinosaurs on Amish farmers, and added new elements, including treating nature as the film's antagonist.


We especially liked the section which shined light on how Sohn was eventually slotted into the Director's char and were happy to see a quick note about what veteran Pixarian (and original The Good Dinosaur) director is working on.
Sohn got the "Good Dinosaur" job after he presented a possible new version of the film in storyboards last summer, according to producer Denise Ream. Because of Sohn's relative inexperience, Ream enlisted some of Pixar's veteran department heads to help him finish "The Good Dinosaur," including production designer Harley Jessup and director of photography-lighting Sharon Calahan, both of whom lent "Ratatouille" much of its visual richness. 
Peterson remains at Pixar and, according to Morris, has been working on Docter's next film, "Inside Out," and on "Finding Dory" as a writer." -Pixar Post
This answers so much questions I had after the news about there being changes to the story, I really think the idea of nature being an antagonist, it makes me wonder what it will be like in the final version. I can't wait to see what the final movie will be like and I'll see you soon!

What do you think of the new changes?

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