November 18, 2014

Post 174: Quickie: Disgust Display

Hi everybody! Time for another News Quickie! Wow, we have a lot of Inside Out news today! And this week we have 5 posts that will look closely at a character in the movie. Earlier today we looked at Sadness, which was released on Monday. And Tuesday will be a look at Disgust.

Disgust is one of Riley's emotions and tries to make Riley be aware of something that is weird and disgusting to her, like broccoli. Disgust is voiced by Mindy Kalin who isn't a stranger to animation, she did voices in Wreck-It Ralph and the first Despicable Me movie. Some cool details that I've noticed about Disgust is that all the emotions have a metallic feeling to their hair and on Disgust she has long eyelashes that have the same feeling. Another detail is that there is cool detail on her dress including splats and super-detailed fabic.

Also, like Sadness, she has her own teaser that stars the character in an all-new piece of animation that I think really describes her character.
I think Pixar is doing a great job getting people interested in Inside Out. I think Disgust will be a interesting character that I even think might have funny lines. Disgust seems like a fun character that has a chance that I would like this character and maybe be one of my favorite characters of the movie. Anyways, stay tuned tomorrow for a look at either Joy, Fear, or Anger. See you soon!

What is your favorite thing about Disgust?

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