November 18, 2014

Post 172: Quickie: Sadness Showcase!

Hi everybody! Time for another News QuickieInside Out seems too be a movie that is getting more interesting as time goes on. And we have two Inside Out news stories today, the first one looking closely at the character of Sadness.

"Have you ever had a case of the "Mondays"? Well, the perfectly-timed image release of Inside Out's aptly blue colored emotion, Sadness, was released via Mashable today. We knew the characters were made of particulate matter but as we get more high resolution looks at this movie, we're absolutely loving the details. As usual, Pixar is outdoing themselves again - if you look closely at Sadness' hair (shown below) the glittery glow is a beautiful conglomerate of dots in shades of indigo. Similarly, the "sweater fuzz" is so wonderfully close to life you can imagine the softness of the threads.

Pixar also uploaded a brief video of Sadness walking onto the screen in a sullen manner. If you are familiar with the first Inside Out teaser trailer, you'll notice that this isn't a new clip of Saddness though as this was shown at the close of the trailer." -Pixar Post
Sadness seems to be a interesting character so far of what we have seen, so far we haven't heard her voice but we seen a lot of her recently, but I think she will be a fun character, and if you are wonder about the other emotions, you will have to see the next news story to know more.
What is your favorite thing about Sadness?

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