November 24, 2014

Pixar Review: 'Knick Knack'

Hi everybody! Sick of feeling like you have nothing to do, like a snow globe on a shelf? Well, here is my review of Knick Knack!

Living your entire life in a snow globe blizzard can be very boring sometimes, while the other knacks get to be free, Knick is forever stuck. But hen, a knack from sunny Miami invites Knick to come and play. Knick now will do anything to escape and be with the blonde. From TNT, to jackhammers, and even using his nose he tries it all. But then after he realizes he is now almost going to fall off of the shelf, then one little push makes Knick fall off of the shelf. Then he falls into a fish tank with a knack from Atlantis, but there the problem of him being stuck in the snow globe.

The Pixar Legacy:
After Pixar did many challenging projects they wanted to do something easier. This short is mentioned in the first two Toy Stories and in the first Cars movie, so apparently John Lasseter still remembers and likes the job he did. There isn't that much to say, but there is still prove to say that this short has a Pixar Legacy.

Final Thoughts:
With a quick and cartoony style you will have a blast with this short. I love many ways Knick tries to escape the snow globe they are ways that seem legit if you were stuck in that situation. Also, the effects on the snow really look nice in a way that will improve their effect skills later on. Tough I do wish it was a bit longer and it seems like they could really do more. Anyways, my rating for this 1989 short is...

My Rating: 9/10

What are your thoughts on Knick Knack?

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