October 23, 2014

Post 166: Quickie: Pixar.com Adds New Projects

Hi everybody! Time for another News Quickie! A couple months ago Lava was added to Pixar's website but I was thinking, why isn't there a section on the website for Inside Out? But now Pixar has updated their official site with a peek at not only Inside Out but also Toy Story That Time Forgot.

For Inside Out, we have so far on their page the first ever official picture of Inside Out that we got along with the current logo. In the icon of the movie where you can see the previous Pixar movies you can see Sadness which is once again from the first official picture. And finally, they have the synopsis of the movie along with the teaser poster and a link to the teaser trailer. Also, as a side note by the Sadness icon of the movie they list the project as "InsideOut" without a space for some reason, I think they will change that later.

And for Toy Story That Time Forgot, we have the main image from the poster for the title page. For the icon there is a picture of one of the Battlesaurs which I forgot his name. And for the plot slide there is a new still from the special which shows Buzz and Woody meeting one of the Battlesaurs for the first time along with the synopsis of the special. Also, as a side note by the icon they list the special only as "Toy Story TV Special" I don't know why but hopefully they will change it. UPDATE: It is now listed as Toy Story That Time Forgot but Inside Out is still listed as "InsideOut".

I hope that both of these Pixar events are great and will be remembered as classics and if you want to see these two projects you can see Inside Out on June 19th and Toy Story That Time Forgot on December 2nd on ABC, and with that I say, see you soon.

What do you want to see on the official Pixar website?

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