October 22, 2014

Post 165: The Good Director

Hi everybody! The Good Dinosaur has had a rocky road with its production including:
  • The original director (Bob Peterson) being kicked off of the project.
  • Them pushing back the release of it from May 2014 to November 2015 thus also pushing back Finding Dory.
  • And redoing the entire story of the movie.
But now we see that Pixar still has fate in the project by via Twitter letting the cat out of the bag of who is the new Good Dinosaur director:

"After much speculation, we now have confirmation from Pixar that Peter Sohn will take over the directing reins for The Good Dinosaur, set for a theatrical release on November 25, 2015. Just over a year ago, we learned that The Good Dinosaur lead director Bob Peterson would be stepping off the project as the film had concerns with the story. Peter Sohn, the film's co-Director (at the time) was a natural fit to step in as the new lead director, but Pixar was mum on assigning the role officially until everything was sorted out with the story. (In fact, Pixar management brought in a power-team of veteran directors and storytellers to work out the kinks before announcing the role.)

After the film's delay, fans have been eagerly awaiting news and in August of this year, we learned that the film underwent a
substantial story change as stated by John Lithgow, the voice of Poppa Dinosaur. This was the first breath of fresh air that The Good Dinosaur was firing on all cylinders again. The Good Dinosaur will be Sohns' feature film directorial debut, though he previously dazzled audiences with his artistry and storytelling in the heartwarming short that he both wrote and directed, Partly Cloudy.

In the
video, Pixar officially broke the news on Twitter as Peter sketches Arlo, the film's main character.
In the background of the video you'll also notice Spot, another one of the film's main characters. This artwork has our mind wondering if perhaps Spot will continue to be in the rewrite of the film and what role he may play." -Pixar Post

I think this is great piece of news and I like this choice for a director. Peter has been at Pixar since 2003 as a story artist and directed the short film Partly Cloudy so he know how to make a story at Pixar right. And I also have a few after thoughts after hearing this, if Peter was the old co-director but is now the main director, who is the new co-director? Also, if this recent video proofs that Arlo and Spot are still in the movie then does that mean the main idea of the movie is the same? Anyways, I'm getting a little more excited for the film and what it would finally be like after all the changes. And if you want to see the movie you will be able to on November 25th, 2015. See you soon!

Let's brainstorm! What do you think the final movie will be like?

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