October 17, 2014

Post 162: Quickie: Another Still to "Lava"

Hi everybody! Time for another News Quickie! Today, We have another animal still from Lava. Including two turtle in "lava" and I think this is a more beautiful still then the whale one from last time.

And also, does anyone else think the turtles look like Finding Nemo? Because the male turtle looks a lot like Crush, could this be a hint at what the characters in Finding Dory would look like? Could the whales, turtles, dolphins and birds from the short have cameo in the movie? Anyways, speaking of Nemo I love seeing how technology has changed since then, I mean just look at Crush from the 2003 hit movie:
Anyways, if this is a Dory sneak peek or not, this is an amazing still from the short. And I can't wait until June 19th! See you soon!

What you think of the new still? And do you think its a Dory sneak peek?

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