October 16, 2014

Post 160: The Trailer That Time Forgot (Man, that is a lot of Ts!)

Hi everybody! If you read post 159, then you basically know what's happening. But if you don't know, what is basically happening is Pixar is wanting us to focus a bit more on their other projects aside from Inside Out apparently. Because we have gotten a lot of news from both Lava and Toy Story That Time Forgot. Anyways, here is today's Toy Story That Time Forgot news:

"As the December 2 television premiere of Toy Story That Time Forgot approaches, more and more news of the 21-minute special has been hitting the internet. For those that watched the re-airing of Pixar's first television special, Toy Story of TERROR!, on October 15 (8:00 PM) you were treated to the first television commercial highlighting the dinosaur-inspired film. The 30-second commercial sets up a great juxtaposition between the humor of the television special, paired against the intense, gladiator-style battles - check it out below.

To highlight some of the hilarity that was shown cinematic commercial, we have included a few screenshots below. Who couldn't love the crayon smashing scene with Reptillus Maximus with the ultra slow motion debris flying into Buzz and Woody's faces?! Or the all-too-hilarious moment with Rex uttering, "well this seems festive" while sporting his new mechanical arms!" -Pixar Post
Like with Lava, this looks like a great special toon that will maybe become an annual Christmas special for me. Anyways, see you soon! 
What do you think of the trailer?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the information you post. I think my kids will love this!

Gegeua said...

That's great, and thank you for reading.