October 14, 2014

Post 157: The Poster That Time Forgot

Hi everybody! This might be a Pixar movie-less year that we have currently, but we have another 30-minute Toy Story Toon, Toy Story That Time Forgot. Now you might think it is not a Toy Story Toon, but it's still kind of is because its still not a full movie. Anyways, as you can see there is a new poster. Here is a bit more info:

"Pixar's upcoming television special, Toy Story That Time Forgot, featuring the quirky and delusional Battlesaur gang will find our familiar Toy Story pals in quite a few precarious situations. As seen in the television premiere poster (via EW), we have our first look at the group surrounded by Raptorian Guards as they appear to be preparing for an intense battle! You have to love the petrified look in Rex's eyes, while Buzz is the consummate professional who's always ready for anything.
Toy Story That Time Forgot, a new Christmas special featuring your favorite characters from the Toy Story films, will air on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 2 (8:00-8:30 p.m., ET). During a post-Christmas play date, the Toy Story gang find themselves in uncharted territory when the coolest set of action figures ever turn out to be dangerously delusional. It's all up to Trixie, the triceratops, if the gang hopes to return to Bonnie's room in this Toy Story That Time Forgot.
In case you haven't seen the hilarious Sky Broadband commercial for the special, we have added it to this post - we couldn't resist watching it again after we saw the new poster." -Pixar Post

This seems like a fun little special that would be somewhat remembered as Toy Story of Terror! was. Also, speaking of Toy Story TV Specials or Toons or whatever you call them, I recently got my hands on the Toy Story of Terror! Blu-ray, and it looks very good in HD. Also, I was watching the Disney Channel for a while and I found a small little ad on the special it was only like 10 seconds, so you can try to find it. But anyways, I'll keep you posted when an actual full commercial comes out. Until that happens, see you soon!

What do you think of the new poster?

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