October 1, 2014

Post 154: 'Inside Out' Teaser TOMMOROW!!!!!

Hi everyone! Inside Out has been Pixar's most interesting movie in while. Fans have been loving all we could get so far, but tomorrow get ready for quite possibly the internet to blow up:

"Pixar's highly anticipated movie, Inside Out, will see the release of its first trailer tomorrow, October 2, 2014 at Noon Eastern Time / 9:00 AM Pacific Time. Fans have been clamoring for glimpses since they first heard about the Pete Docter-Directed film featuring the 11-year-old, Riley and her five emotions - Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust. The one-minute-and-thirty-five-second trailer will premiere on Disney•Pixar's YouTube channel so be sure to stay tuned to our website and Social Media feeds (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) as we'll be spreading the word as soon as it's up.

From the screenshot above, we love getting a look at the memory orbs in the background on their shelves. Remember that the orbs are the stored memories of Riley and not only do their glow in the color of their emotion, but they also glow with different intensities to signify the strength of the memory - that's such an amazing little detail that we can't wait to see more of." -Pixar Post

I just love how much Pixar makes their fans go crazy, and you can expect me to post a big awesome news article sometime tomorrow on the teaser! So, get ready because post 155 is quite possibly the biggest news story on this blog of 2014!

What do you think the teaser is going to be like?

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