October 10, 2014

Pixar Review: 'Monsters University'

Hi everyone! Well, school classes are back in session, Halloween is right around the corner, and I haven't yet reviewed this movie yet. So, here it is with no interruption, my Monsters University review!

When Mike Wazowski was a little kid he wanted to become a scarer ever since he saw a scare at a field trip. After he passed all of elementary and high school he is going to Monsters University. There is meets a nicer known version of college Randall and later in Scaring 101 he meets his expected to be least favorite person at his college, Sulley. Later because of their rivalry they both get kicked out of  Scaring 101 and basically never are going to become a scarer. Later they volunteer for the big and upcoming Scare Games. But the bad thing is they are with the worst team, Oozma Kappa, a gag of other misfits. Later both Mike and Sulley and the team have to try to win the games and get back in Scaring 101.

Cast Highlights:
  • Billy Crystal (Mike)
  • John Goodman (Sulley)
  • Sean Hayes (Terri with a I, 1/2 a Oozma Kappa member)
  • Flik, Dave Foley (Terry with a Y, 1/2 a Oozma Kappa member)
  • The upcoming voice of Fear, Bill Hader (Refree/the slug gag guy) [MINOR CHARACTERS]
  • Bob Peterson (Roz)
  • Peter Sohn (Squishy, Oozma Kappa member)
  • John Ratzenberger, the lucky charm (Yeti)
Final Thoughts:
Tough I might have been that groundbreaking as other Pixar movie. It is still another Pixar great and epic movie. Also, who didn't love that climax? It was so awesome! Anyways, this was my short little thoughts on the movie. And now the one and only rating:

My Rating: 8/10

And now that there is no more movies yet that Pixar has released, what am I going to be reviewing on this section until Inside Out comes out? The answer is simple: short films and TV special reviews made by Pixar! So get ready because on next Friday enjoy some mini-reviews on mini-movies!

What do you think of the movie? (No spoilers!) And you are probably going to say the climax is awesome.

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