October 17, 2014

Pixar Review: 'The Adventures of Andre and Wally B.'

Hi everybody! It's time for my first Pixar short film review, these are the same as my movie reviews expect because short films rarely have voice casts, I'm replacing Cast Highlights with a thing called, The Pixar Legacy which will talk about the legacy the short film has with Pixar. Also, I will spoil the shorts because there isn't that much of a twist then in the movies. But don't worry I will still do Cast Highlights and will not spoil with the movie reviews. Anyways, for my first short film review I'm reviewing one of the very first pieces of CG animation that Pixar ever did.

After waking up in a forest, Andre wakes up to find a bee named Wally B. who is ready to sting him. After being chased trough the forest Wally B. finally stings him with an iconic Goofy yell thrown in. Then Andre gets back at him and throws his hat at him.

The Pixar Legacy:
To quote the official Pixar website: "Tough it was created at Lucasfilm, Pixar is featuring it here because it was the first time 3D animated film."  All that the website said was true, this was Lasseter's first CG animated film and showed what could be done with it and he would later proof this more with Toy Story. So this is a very special short, also you can see Wally B. on Bonnie's backpack in the Toy Story 3 and later the Toy Story Toons. So, this is as a big legacy!

Final Thoughts:
This is a short that people don't really talk about but people still know about it, because there isn't that much to talk about. But the humor I enjoyed and the characters were likable, their isn't that much to say other then it's a good short with a great legacy, but I should note that because it was made in1984, the animation isn't that outstanding.

My Rating: 9/10

What d you think of the short?

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