October 23, 2014

'A Little Lamp' Celebrates 2 Years!

On October 23rd, 2012, A Little Lamp made its debut and was introduced with these words:

"I hope you love my new blog called, A Little Lamp! I hope you like it! Every week you'll see something new from the world of Pixar. Enjoy!"

Ever since I posted those words I've tried my best to stay true to those words. Also, now the blog has changed and has now tried to be a look at what Pixar has done and what they will do. Today, A Little Lamp turns 2 years old and still up and running. I've tried many things over the years some are still being produced and others faded. But the goal to tribute Pixar has stayed the same. You can look back now and see how the many posts changed in quality. In 2012, the posts were small and showed little pieces of what Pixar could do. In 2013, I tried to be more informational. And this year, I've tried to be a blog that shows all of what Pixar can do along with using stuff that I used 2 years ago. Anyways, cheers to 2 years and hopefully 2 more years.

See you soon.

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