September 27, 2014

The Pixar Points #3: Pixar's Animation

 Hi everybody! Get ready, for the next three Pixar Points including this one I'm going to talk about the three most loved things about Pixar: Animation, Story, and Characters. For the first one I'm going to talk about, animation. The reason I wanted to do this one is because it is what Pixar is most known for even on Cars 2 (which I recently reviewed) though being the most critically-hated movie from their history currently people still said the animation is breathtaking. And now what do I think of their animation from over the years?

Well, let's start from the first Toy Story. Sure the humans and the dogs look a bit creepy (but not as bad as the Billy from Tin Toy), the toys look good or at least better. The animation kind of looked rough a bit up until about Finding Nemo. Now I'm to talk about how Pixar's animation looks now. If you look at Monsters University, you see that they put little, tiny detail into everything. Anyways, to sum it all up, Pixar is always trying to improve their animation in new ways. Sorry for this one not being as long as normal but there is three parts to this one! So see you then!

What do you think of Pixar's animation?

Next Time on Pixar Points: Pixar's Storytelling!

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