September 13, 2014

The Pixar Points #1: The Critics and the Pixar Movies from 2011-2013

Hi everybody! Welcome to the first edition of "The Pixar Points" and we have one of the biggest and most recent Pixar topics, the critics response to the recent Pixar movies (2011-2013). If you don't know what I'm talking about here's the deal, from "Toy Story" to "Toy Story 3" all of Pixar movies (except "Cars") were considered masterpieces of animation and movies by the critics. But started with "Cars 2", Pixar started to lose that magical touch with the critics. And now, I'm going to talk about the critics reactions to the three movies from Pixar from 2011-2013. And the reason I called it 2011-2013, is because "Inside Out" and the other future might bring back the magical touch with the critics. Also, I'm not going to talk about my opinions on the movies, I'm going to save that for the reviews.  And now without further ado, the reactions to the 2011-2013 movies from Pixar!

"Cars 2" (2011) Rotten Tomatoes: 39%

First off, there were some things that the critics did like, including the more interesting idea and the great animation. But, the critics say that it has a boring story and the characters are really bland. And having Mater as the main character isn't really a good idea. Also the spy story is like every other spy movie ever made. And it also feels like a normal kiddie animated movie and not a Pixar Animation Studios movie. My thoughts on this is that, yeah, "Cars 2" is Pixar's weakest movie but it's not as awful as you think. So I kind of agree with them and I kind of don't. Now on to "Brave"!

"Brave" (2012) Rotten Tomatoes: 78%

Tough the critics like the next two movies more than "Cars 2", they still think that Pixar is in a dark age now, because it feels like a Disney movie rather than a Pixar movie, and that "Wreck-It Ralph" feels like the true Pixar movie of the year. Another problem they have is that it has a lot of stuff from other Disney movies, most namely any with a princess or "Brother Bear". My thoughts on this is that, yeah, I like "Wreck-It Ralph" a bit more than "Brave" and sure, it feels more like a Disney movie. It still has great ideas in it that can be original at times. Now on to the most recent one, "MU".

"Monsters University" (2013) Rotten Tomatoes: 78%

This movie is mostly as liked as "Brave". But this movie is starting to make the critics say that they are trusting on their success. But others think it isn't as good because it is a sequel (well, in this case, prequel) that Pixar seems to be doing a lot of recently. And also that the movie reminds people of other collage movies. My thoughts on this is that I don't think Pixar was trusting this movie only because it was going to make a lot of money nor the fact that it is bad only because it is a prequel. And about that "like other collage movies" thing, I haven't really seen any other collage movies. So I don't really know about that, but I think Pixar wanted it to feel like a normal collage movie but with monsters. I think it was a good movie and it was a hint at Pixar heading to the right way.

Final Thoughts:

Tough Pixar isn't how they might have been, they are heading toward a better future for the company. And who knows, maybe "Inside Out" might be Pixar's most beloved and best movie, it is directed by Peter Docter. Anyways, see you next time!

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