September 30, 2014

Post 152: New 'Toys R Us' Pixar Toy Line-Up!

These top photos are from the site Dan the Pixar Fan I highly recommend the site.

Hi everyone! We all know the Toy Story and Cars and Monsters University toys are still in stores. But now at Toys R Us you can get a all-new line up of  "New toys!" (-Toy Story 3) Including the fan-favorite Pixar toys from over the years and some new ones. And one that you might be interested in is the U-Command WALL-E (which came out originally in 2008, and I have it) is coming back as part of the line-up! They even put out a video on the new/old toy:
Also, I found a old ad about when it came out:
It is so cool that they are brining these toys to Toys R Us and seeing toys for all the Pixar classic movies. And I can't wait to see what lays ahead for the line-up.

What is your favorite Pixar toy of all time?

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