September 15, 2014

Post 149: The VIEW-ing of "Lava"

Hi everybody! "Lava" is coming to public viewing eyes in June 19th in front of "Inside Out"! And the day is coming closer and closer! But, if your going to the 15th Annual View Conference... you'll be able to be seen! Here is the news:

"Since the announcement of Pixar's upcoming feature short LAVA, fans have been 'erupting' with excitement over this volcanic love story. That excitement will continue to 'flow' as LAVA will make its European debut at the 15th International VIEW Conference with special guest Bill Watral (Supervising Technical Director).

The VIEW Conference is the premier international event held in Turin, Italy on Computer Graphics, Interactive Techniques, Digital Cinema, 2D/3D Animation, Gaming and VFX. The conference which will run from October 14-17, 2014 will continue to focus on exploring the increasingly fluid boundary between the real and digital worlds. This incredible conference is packed with brilliant guest presenters and is sure to be an informative and entertaining conference.

The conference schedule is filled with speakers from many animation studios including Disney, DreamWorks, as well as a keynote presentation from Pixar Co-Founder Alvy Ray Smith. For those planning on attending the VIEW Conference, LAVA will premiere on Thursday, October 16 at 10:00 AM.


To date, we are aware of LAVA playing at the Hiroshima Film Festival (August 21-25), Telluride Film Festival (August 29 - September 1) and the Toronto International Film Festival (September 4-14). Be sure to keep your eyes out for additional viewings, but in the meantime, we're also expecting LAVA to be included at the Hawaii International Film Festival, scheduled from October 30 - November 9, 2014, and the Sonoma Film Festival, scheduled from March 25 - 29, 2015." -Pixar Post

And if you are going or have already seen it, put your thoughts in the comments! (But try not to spoil it.)