September 20, 2014

Pixar Review: 'Toy Story 3'

Hi everybody! I haven't done a review in a while (a while being May 29th) so why not review "Toy Story 3"? So here we go with the review!

About 10 years after the second movie, Andy is going to college and still has his childhood toys, and he doesn't know what to do with them. After a series of events, all of the toys but Woody believes that Andy is just going to throw them in the trash bags. A little after the toys end up in a daycare called Sunnyside and they think it is great, but it turns out it is terrible, luckily Woody all ready escaped to a little girl named Bonnie's house. Now the toys need to find each other and escape Sunnyside together.

Cast Highlights:
  • Tom Hanks (Woody)
  • Tim Allen (Buzz)
  • Wallace Shawn (Rex)
  • John Morris (Andy in ALL 3 MOVIES)
  • Erik Von Detten (Sid) (Yes, he is in there.)
  • Charlie Bright, Amber Kronker, Brianna Maiwand (Peas-in-the-Pod)
Final Thoughts:
I feel like this might get people upset, but I didn't really feel anything a the end ("the Andy thing"), but the ending wasn't terrible. But, I have no problem for the rest. And with great animation and storytelling it is a great movie with a somewhat of a great story book quality. And with that I give it 9/10.

What are your thoughts of the movie? (No spoilers!)