September 2, 2014

Disney Infinity 2.0 Recap FINALE + New Post Series

Hi everybody! Today we have the final part of the recap of the new game, Disney Infinity 2.0, the sequel to Disney Infinity 1.0. Today we have all the characters that are official:

-Baymax (Big Hero 6) [profile]
-Hiro (Big Hero 6) [profile]
-Donald Duck (Classic Disney) [profile]
-Aladdin ("") [profile]
-Jasmine (Aladdin) [profile]
-Tinker Bell (""/Peter Pan) [profile]
-Stitch (Lilo and Stitch) [profile]
-Merida (Brave) [profile]
-Maleficent ("") [profile]
-The Avengers [profile]
-Spider Man [profile]
-Guardians of the Galaxy [profile]

So there is all of the Disney Infinity 2.0 characters that are confirmed. But I wanted to tell you of a new post series for this blog, The Pixar Points. This posts will touch on anything on Pixar that isn't a movie or short film. From a commentary to a Pixar fan's thoughts on a non-Pixar movie. I have many ideas for these posts. So look out for some in couple of days along with new Pixar news and reviews.

What characters from Disney Infinity 2.0 do you want?
What topics should I do for the new Pixar Points?
Tell me in the comments!

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