August 16, 2014

Post 141: Sneak Peeks at Sadness and Disgust!

Hi everybody! "Inside Out" is getting so close to being fully shown in cinemas! And we are also getting tons of news about the project! And now, a sneak peek at Sadness and Disgust!

Inside Out"When Pixar films are in production, the voice actors are hard at work from the outset. Often, their performances prove to be heavily influential to the final work that we see on the screen. For example, in the lead up to the release of Pete Docter’s Monsters, Inc., Billy Crystal actually had a number of lines that he came up with while in the recording room, which the creative team at Pixar loved so much, they had them put into the film. Inside Out is the next film from Docter, and he has been working on finalizing much of the voice work with the actors, including actress Mindy Kaling. Get another peek at her character after the break!

A user on the Pixar Post forum spotted a few images that Kaling shared on her Instagram [pictures] which includes another piece of promo art featuring her character Disgust. To this point, the image above was one of the few publicly released looks at any of the characters from the film, but Kaling is clearly excited enough to provide us with another piece. The new art is perhaps an even better representation of the character, one of five emotions that make up the consciousness of 11-year-old Riley." -Pixar Times

To see the new Disgust concept art go to this link: Also to see Kaling and Docter hanging out go here:

"Phyllis Smith, the voice of Sadness in Pixar's upcoming, Inside Out, recently say down with Fox News in St. Louis and briefly discussed her experience recording vocal work for the Studio. The video below highlights some of her initial struggles of figuring out how to fall into her new role of voice acting as well recording dialogue with Amy Poehler (voice of Joy). Even in moments where Phyllis is joking with the host, her voice still exudes a sullen undertone - what a perfect fit for the role of Sadness.

[To see interview go to the Pixar Post post:]

 I had to laugh when Phyllis said, "I don't know is this is a good thing but usually they have about 4 or 5 sessions, I've had 7 or 8 - so it's either because I'm really good or I'm really awful".
-Pixar Post

What are your opinions so far on these characters?

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