August 15, 2014

Post 140: New Pixar Bouns Features Found!

Hi everybody! As you know, Pixar is putting out a Blu-ray for "Toy Story of TERROR", the Halloween special from last year, which is coming August 19th. Well, some of the bouns features have been found! Enjoy!

"Along with the Blu Ray, DVD and Digital release of Toy Story of TERROR! on August 19, you'll find an amazing array of extra features that are almost as long as the 21 minute special itself. Our official review will be coming soon, but Parade has released an exclusive clip of the behind-the-scenes look at Toy Story of TERROR!, called Team of Specialists. The entire Team of Specialists feature is 11:52 and really digs into so many of the favorite moments from the short along with a ton of humor. 
Also, be prepared to laugh like crazy when viewing the vintage toy commercials that were created for Combat Carl, Old Timer (our favorite) and Transitron. UPDATED August 14 - Since we mentioned the commercials specifically, we happened to spot the Combat Carl Public Service Announcement (brought to you by the National Cough Safety Council). Hilarious!" -Pixar Post
What are your opinions on the new extras?

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