July 31, 2014

Post 139: Pixar Villain Vinylmation Series!

Hi everybody! We currently have two Pixar Vinylmation series with a series 3 possibly somewhat soon. But for now it's Pixar's villains turn to get their very own Mickey-shaped vinyl!

"As the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) begins, many collectors are starting to drool over the amount of incredible toys and collectables that will be available - many of limited quantity. Well, for Disney•Pixar Vinylmation fans, get ready because premiering tomorrow on day one of SDCC will be a series of six Pixar Villain Vinylmations!

This series of six Limited Edition (480 each piece) will include: Skinner, Stinky Pete, Zurg, Hopper, Incrediboy and Randall. In case you can't make it to the SDCC, be sure to click on the name of the Vinylmation villain to utilize our pre-populated search on eBay (or click here to search for the complete set)! Unlike typical Vinylmations, these will not be in a blind box - however, the second series of Pixar Vinylmations will be.

That's right, a second series of Pixar Villain Vinylmations will be available in Disney Stores on August 18 and will be in a blind box set of 8 which will include: Charles Muntz, Mor'du, Henry Waternoose, Syndrome, Darla, Dean Abigail Hardscrabble, Thumper and a currently unknown mystery chaser! Though, our guess/hope is that it's Sid from Toy Story.

image courtesy of eBay user dragonflylisa29
We are impressed with many of these new Vinylmations and can't wait to get our hands on the Stinky Pete and Syndrome vinylmation. While we agree that all the characters were villains, one sticks out that we just can't agree with and that would be Dean Hardscrabble. We actually chat about this in depth and discuss a few more details we loved and didn't love in the forum. So, we want to know - who are your favorites? Which character will be the chaser? Leave a comment below or chat about it in the forum.

Thanks to our friends Dan the Pixar Fan and Giovanni who spotted the second series.

Update - some of the initial images of the packaging have been popping up online already as well." -Pixar Post, July 24th at 2:23am

What is your opinion on the new Pixar vinylmations?

Post 138: Comic-Con 2014 Panel of "Toy Story That Time Forgot"

Hi everybody! Last year Pixar gave us their first TV special, "Toy Story of TERROR!", which gave us something Pixar for Halloween and some great "Toy Story" fun. Now this year, it's Christmas time for the toy gang with their next adventure! And at the recent Comic-Con we got a first look at what it will be like! The Christmas special will air this December on ABC. I can't wait to watch it. Put your opinions down in the comments about the panel and the special. See you soon!

July 12, 2014

Post 137: Disneyland Paris Cooks Up a New Amazing Land!

Hi everybody! ATTENTION ALL PARIS PIXAR FANS OR PEOPLE WHO GOING TO DISNEYLAND PARIS WH ARE PIXAR FANS! Now feast on an new area at Disneyland Paris that takes you to the world of "Ratatouille" at the world of "Ratatouille"! Let's take a peek:

"Over the weekend, Disneyland Paris unveiled the Ratatouille themed area Place de Remy. While the official opening is set for July 10, Disney invited members of the European press (including our friends from Pixar Planet France) for a special dedication ceremony. Lead by Disney CEO, Bob Iger and Disney Parks Chairman, Tom Staggs, the two were joined onstage by Remy and Linguini for the final ribbon cutting dedication had the press, in the words of Anton Ego, "...hungry for more". Luckily, the press were then given exclusive access to Ratatouille: L'Aventure Totalement Toquee de Remy (Ratatouille: The Adventure), the newly themed dark ride which features a newer technology of a trackless ride-vehicle system as well as 3D screens and larger than life props that help immerse guests into Remy's world. During the ride guests feel as if they have shrunk down as they explore the kitchen of Gusteau's as rats, only to encounter Chef Skinner who will stop at nothing to get you out of his kitchen.

Photo via DLP Welcome

Photo via Maxime with Pixar Planet France
The restaurant, Bistrot Chez Remy will have guests in pure wonderment as the Disney Imagineers have recreated the ending scene in Ratatouille with decorations to have you feeling as if you were Remy-sized. With chairs that look like bottle caps, Christmas lights in colanders (as chandeliers) and the leaf overhang on the ceiling, you can't help but think there are real rats cooking in the kitchen.

The details are not just in the attraction and restaurant itself - even if you don't enjoy dark rides or miss your chance to dine at Bistrot Chez Remy, walking down the cobblestone street guests will find Colette's scooter as well as Chef Skinner's scooter and if you look hard enough you may even spot where to find the Health Inspector.

Photo via Pixar Planet France
Pixar has definitely found it's niche within the Disney Parks making the themed lands quite popular among guests. The merchandise is also fantastic as well and features everything from an apron, chef hat, Remy & Emile plush toys, and so much more. The official gift shop will open along with the ride on July 10, so if you're in the United States, your best bet will be to pick this up on eBay. For a complete (pre-populated) search of the Disneyland Paris Ratatouille merchandise on eBay click here.

Photo courtesy of DLRP Express

Photo courtesy of Mice Chat

Photo courtesy of Mice Chat

Photo courtesy of Mice Chat

Don't miss the official video from Disneyland Paris which gives you a sneak peek into the attractions at Place de Remy.
Additionally, for those of you who may not be able to make it to Disneyland Paris, you can watch the full ride-along video of Ratatouille: The Adventure from DLP Guide. A nice touch is that you can hear Pixarian, Pete Sohn's voice (as his character Emile) throughout the ride and also at the end he reminds you to grab all your belongings as you exit the ride car.

 For more information and many more great photos and details, visit our friends at 
Pixar Planet France for their great coverage on this exciting new addition to Disneyland Paris." -Pixar Post
What do you think of the new land?