May 30, 2014

Post 133: Michael Giacchino Goes "Inside Out"

Hi everyone! It seems like Michael Giacchino is doing Pixar scores every year. In fact, here is a list:
  • (2004) The Incredibles
  • (2005) One Man Band, Jack-Jack Attack
  • (2006) Lifted
  • (2007) Ratatouille
  • (2008) nothing
  • (2009) Partly Cloudy, UP, George and A.J.
  • (2010) Day and Night
  • (2011) Cars 2
  • (2012) La Luna
  • (2013) Toy Story of TERROR!
  • (2014) Ratatouille: The Adventure
  • So, it might've not surprised you that Michael in returning to Pixar movie scores with, "Inside Out"!
    "Michael Giacchino, the brilliant mastermind behind the beautiful scores of Pixar's, La Luna, Up and Ratatouille (among many others) has recently revealed that he will be scoring Inside Out for the studio as well. During a pre-concert question and answer session on May 24 for the Star Trek Into Darkness: Live to Projection session (held at the KKL Lucerne concert hall in Switzerland), the moderator asked Giacchino what he was going to be working on next. As expected, Michael is quite busy and after some initial comments mentioned that,  
    Photo courtesy Giacchino (Instagram)
    ...I'm going to go onto a film called Tomorrowland directed by Brad Bird and that has George Clooney in it. And then after that I go onto a film called Inside Out which is directed by Pete Docter, who did the movie Up for Pixar and then after that I go right onto Jurassic World, so basically I'm working from now until next May. 
    The entire Q&A session can be viewed on YouTube (courtesy of Stefan Schuler), although the mention of his upcoming projects doesn't start until 20:29 into the interview. Additionally, there are some interesting questions from the audience as well where they ask if there is a difference between scoring live-action and animation. Michael mentions that there's really not a difference and in both instances he says that it's "all made up" and noted that Superman is no more real than a rat that wants to cook. (Video posted below.)

    Michael had previously alluded to the fact that he was working on an unannounced Pixar project and now that it is confirmed, it's another exciting piece of news as we eagerly await a trailer for Pixar's though-provoking film, Inside Out." -Pixar Post
    Well it seems Pixar just can't get enough of Michael's scores. Anyways, see you soon!
    Are you excited about Michael's score for "Inside Out"?

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