May 26, 2014

Post 131: Parties and TERROR Are Coming in Book Form!

Hi everybody! If you are working on a good 3-7 year old books and if your family likes Pixar then you can consider these books! 
Toy Story of TERROR Party Central Book Cover Random House Depken"Moments ago we had posted about Toy Story of TERROR! being available for preorder on Blu Ray and DVD, but today we have also learned about two books (published by Random House) which will be released on July 22, 2014 - Toy Story of TERROR!  and Party Central. Both books are 24 pages and are geared towards kids age 3-7. From the image of the cover, it appears that the Toy Story of TERROR! book will contain over 30 stickers - we're not sure if the Party Central book will have any extras at this point.

July of 2013 also saw the release of the book, Three Toy Toons, which was a 3D compilation of "Hawaiian Vacation", "Small Fry" and "Partysaurus Rex". Additionally, the Partysaurus Rex short also received a digital-only release of a separate book." -Pixar Post
What short do you like more, "Party Central" or "Toy Story of TERROR!"? Anyways, see you soon!

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