May 17, 2014

Post 129: PBS- Pixar Broadcasting Services [NOT REALLY]

On April 26th I talked about some Ed Catmull interviews [As seen here] and now for some more!

Go here for the video talked about:

"Disney Animation and Pixar President, Ed Catmull, recently sat down with Tavis Smiley for a 14-minute interview during the late-night PBS talk show. The discussion touches on several moments from Pixar's history (the relative ease with with Toy Story 3 was created) and even touched on the recent successes of Disney's Frozen. But the real power of the interview comes when Ed talks about bolstering a team, seeking creativity and what happens if the team synergy isn't clicking like it should.

Additionally, we really appreciated the honest discussion surrounding failure in an organization. Ed mentioned that although failure may be a hot-topic in today's business world, we may not be able to be truly honest about tackling failure due to our earlier life lessons. Of course, many of these lessons, insights and talking points are also discussed in Catmull's new book, Creativity, Inc." -Pixar Post

What did you think about the "Ugly Baby" talk?

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