May 4, 2014

Post 126: Infinity 2.0 Press Event!!! (Part 1 of 4)

Hi everyone! I love playing in "Disney Infinity 1.0" which was released back in August 18th, 2013. But now its time for an is a special blown out post about the new "Disney Infinity 2.0 (Marvel Super Heroes)" coming this Fall!

After the very successful launch of Disney Infinity last year, there was no doubt that a second version of the game would be in the works. Today, during the Disney Infinity 2.0 press event, we got a look at the next version of the ever-popular game, along with a few of the upcoming figures and playsets. Although today's event focused on the Marvel Super Heroes (releasing fall of 2014), Disney•Pixar have no reason to worry as additional Disney and Pixar figures will be coming out after the initial launch. In fact, you can even spot a few familiar faces hidden in the Marvel launch trailer - Merida from Brave, Stitch and Maleficient all make appearances. 


Along with any new release typically comes new and improved features and Disney Infinity 2.0 did not disappoint. (It should also be noted that Disney Infinity 2.0 is fully compatible with all of the Disney Infinity 1.0 characters, toy boxes, base and power discs.)
  • Skill Tree - Characters will vary more in their abilities and strengths. As you "level up" a character's experience you gain points which you can assign to different attributes to the figure (for example, if you were using Captain America, as you go from a level 1 to level 2 in experience you get 1 point to assign to his speed, strength, super jump or shields).

Example of the Skill Tree for a Captain America
  • Enhanced Toy Box - The all new toy box mode will make it easier for everyone to create and share their creations. You can also use the new Creator Tool to quickly assist with the build of new worlds. You'll also be able to customize the interior of buildings in this release as well - whereas previously you could only customize building exteriors.
  • Toy Box Game Discs - A new set of pyramid shaped discs deliver structured, franchise-themed games to the toy box.
  • Additional Character Enhancements - Character levels used to max out at level 15, new characters in Infinity 2.0 will have a maximum level of 20.
  • 80 New Power Discs - The new circular power discs will be grouped into three areas: costume changes, area of effect discs and team-ups (where you get the assistance of a second automated character). Hexagonal discs will add new weapons, vehicles and of course, sky and ground textures.
What Do You Think of Disney Infinity's New Features?

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