May 31, 2014

Disney Infinity 2.0 Press Event Recap (Part 3 out of 4) + New Merida and Maleficient

Hi everyone! In this part of the "Disney Infinity 2.0" press event recap, we have what will be included in the Marvel Super Heroes starter pack and also as a bonus we have two new figures they have been given a sneak peek.


The Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) starter pack includes:
  • Game Disc
  • Iron Man, Thor and Black Widow figures
  • Marvel Avenger's Play Set piece
  • Disney Infinity base (2.0 Edition)
  • Two Toy Box Discs
  • Web code to play Iron Man, Thor and Black Widow in iOS & PC versions
The game will be available in Fall 2014 and will be for PlayStation 4, PlayStation3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, PC, and iOS.

Photo from D23 event courtesy of Travis Denman
"Earlier today the official Disney Infinity Twitter account hinted (yet confirming at the same time) that Merida will indeed be a character in Disney Infinity 2.0. Although we know Merida will be included in the game, it hasn't been confirmed if she will be a singular Toy Box figure or if there will be a Brave playset as well - although from what we're hearing from the D23 Maleficent pre-screening and Disney Infinity event, it appears that she will be a Toy Box figure only.

Back on April 30th, during the Disney Infinity 2.0 Press Event, we noticed a few hidden characters in the background of the trailer that was shown to the crowd. While all of the characters were centered around the Marvel franchise at the press event, it was a nice surprise to spot Merida (as well as Maleficent and Stitch), as we've been chatting about a Brave playset since the first version of Disney Infinity was released.

Tonight during a special sold out D23 event, attendees were treated to a special presentation of Disney Infinity on top of a pre-release screening of Disney's Maleficent. During the Disney Infinity portion of the event, guests were shown images of Merida and Maleficent in the toy box as well as given a limited edition (of 500) print of the Maleficent figure shown from concept to final character mold." -Pixar Post
Merida image courtesy of Aldo Ortega
Maleficent promo poster image courtesy of Chris Yeoh
Disney Infinity 2.0 Toy box images of Merida & Maleficent
courtesy of
Travis Denman

Disney Infinity 2.0
"No doubt timed to the release of Maleficent in theaters, this announcement gives us a better idea of what we can expect from some of the non-Marvel characters in the game. Merida and Maleficent figures will go on sale without Play Sets, meaning they will only be playable in the Toy Box mode. However, the interactive mode has been given incredible new features, as Disney has gone on record stating that there will be mini games present that provide more structured play. In the previous game, the Toy Box focused on gamers building their own worlds the way they wanted to – while the new game also allows this, the aforementioned mini games and provided assistance from the game will make the mode less overwhelming while also giving the characters more to do.
Merida has her trademark bow and arrows, along with a sword to engage in combat, staying true to the fiery spirit we saw in Brave. Maleficent, who seems to be modeled after Angelina Jolie’s turn as the iconic villain, unsurprisingly comes with magical powers that will make her a powerful foe when faced from a distance.
Below are the character descriptions of what the two are capable of:
  • Merida: With her untamed fiery red locks, this headstrong Princess will definitely leave her mark in Disney Infinity. Between her sharp sword and bow combo attacks with ricocheting arrows, she can upgrade her aim with elemental freeze arrows, freezing enemies in front of her then following up with rapid shots showing off her impressive athletic skills as an archer and sword fighter.
  • Maleficent: The wicked title character from the... Walt Disney Studios film employs numerous magical powers and can attack using her magic in melee and ranged combat. To defeat enemies, Maleficent has the ability to utilize projectile and area of effect attacks that affect multiple targets within a specified area, brambles that she summons from the ground and ravens that she can call on to attack targets.
Disney Infinity 2 - Merida and Others Disney Infinity 2.0
Watch the new trailer, featuring the two characters below:
Although we are not sure whether Merida and Maleficent will be available upon launch of Disney Infinity 2.0, we do know that the gaming platform will launch this Fall. Stay tuned for more from the exciting sequel to what may be Disney’s biggest game ever!" -Pixar Times

"Disney Infinity 2.0"'s marketing in right now really all about Marvel right now, like in the press event, but with the new news it looks like they're still non-Marvel hope. In the final part of the press event recap they're be a couple more details and a new Disney Infinity segment on this site!

Are you excited about the new news or what will be in the starter pack?

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