March 23, 2014

Post 118: Pixar's Next in 3D: Incredible Paris!

Hi everyone! As we continue this very Incredible day we have the next in 3D from Pixar!

"Following the 3D re-releases of Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Finding Nemo and Monsters, Inc., Josh Hollander (Pixar's Director of 3D Production) stated that the studio is currently working on the 3D re-release of The Incredibles and Ratatouille while speaking at the 3D Creative Summit. In an article via ScreenDaily, Hollander shares some insight as well as discusses the challenges the team is facing with 3D technology.

Photo courtesy of DisneyVault

 “Right now we’re working on The Incredibles, which is a lot of fun in 3D....It’s been an interesting challenge to work on technology because - while the film was released 10 years ago - the technology is even older as it took four years to make...We have a version of Ratatouille, which works really well in 3D and we’re trying to figure out exactly what the release strategy for that will be.”

In the article Hollander also discusses some of the new technologies that Pixar Animation Studios is exploring: High Frame Rate, Ultra High Definition 4K and High Dynamic Range (HDR).
“Of those, the High Dynamic Range seems most interesting to us because there are entire worlds of color that we’ve not been able to show you and not be able to represent in our films because of the limited color space of the display technologies...4K is also interesting to us - that added clarity. High Frame Rate isn’t something we’ve been digging into yet, we doing some testing but it’s not banging down our door and begging for us to use it right now.”

Details surrounding Pixar's next feature film, Inside Out, have still been kept pretty much under wraps - though Hollander did mention that he and his team are working on the 3D for the film he describes as "pure magic."
“We’re looking at how translucency and opacity is used, which plays really well in 3D...There’s not much more I can share about it but it will build upon our use of 3D, supporting ‘emotions’ and emotional moments.” 
While the details are vague, it was nice to be reminded of the hard work that is going into Inside Out, which is set for a theatrical release in June 2015." -Pixar Post
Do you think Pixar will do more 3D remakes? They still haven't done 'WALL-E' and 'A Bug's Life'. So get ready to pop the popcorn for 'The Incredibles' and 'Ratatouille' again!

Post 117: An Incredible Event

Hi everyone! Welcome to an 'incredible' day for Pixar news! Starting with a event that most people might love if they love 'The Incredibles'!!!

"Save the date! The Ninth Annual Cartoon Art Museum (CAM) benefit at Pixar Animation Studios (Emeryville, California) will be held on Saturday, May 17, 2014 from 3:00 to 8:00 PM PST. 

The best part of this event is not only the opportunity to bid on original and signed art by Pixar animators, but you can also be a part of a question and answer session celebrating the 10th Anniversary of The Incredibles. The Q&A session will be lead by Dr. Michael B. Johnson (Pixarian and CAM board member) along with other astute Pixar filmmakers, taking place in the Steve Jobs Theater - the session is set to feature:
  • Brad Bird - Director
  • Mark Andrews - Head of Story 
  • Tony Fucile - Supervising Animator
  • Andrew Jimenez - Director of Photography 
  • Ted Mathot - Storyboard Artist 
    Photo © Pixar Post
  • Kevin O'Brien - Storyboard Artist
Photo © Pixar Post
While an unexpected cancellation is always possible, the opportunity to meet with and attend a Q&A with the confirmed filmmakers is a once in a lifetime experience which to us is priceless. Tickets are $500 per person, $450 for members of the Cartoon Art Museum (Become a museum member and save!) and can be purchased through the Cartoon Art Museum's website.
If you are a fan of Pixar, you know that there are only a few ways to visit Pixar Animation Studios and this is one of the great ways to support the Cartoon Art Museum as well as be invited in the illustrious studio gates. If you're thinking about attending the CAM event, our friend Jeff (from This Day in Pixar) has attended previously and wrote a great article summarizing his experience." -Pixar Post

So if you like the movie and you live close. You know where might be going!

March 15, 2014

Post 116: Let the "Party" Begin!!!

Soon is the relase of the new Pixar Short, 'Party Central' but the premiere party all ready happened!
On Tuesday evening at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, California, the Muppets and some "Monsters" from MU came together for a memorable world premiere. In addition to the Muppets and cast from Muppets Most Wanted gracing the red carpet, Party Central Director, Kelsey Mann and Producer, Laurel Ladevich were on-hand to join in the festivities.

Photo courtesy of Disney Facebook

Mann who was wearing a classic Monsters University collegiate sweater (embroidered with the word 'Story' to signify his work on MU) explained how he thinks that Party Central and the Muppets are a match made in heaven (via The official D23 Instagram).

Don't miss your chance to join the 'party' as Party Central hits theaters alongside Muppets Most Wanted on March 21. We can confidently say that Party Central is a riot and will completely leave you wanting more. -Pixar Post

I can't wait to see it! I might want to see someone try to make a party like this it will be awesome! See you soon!

Post 115: Pixar and the 2014 Oscars

Hi everybody! Our next post today is about Pixar at the Oscars 2014, yeah though they were not nominated for 'Monsters U' or even 'the blue umbrella' we are still going to tell you the only Pixar related things at this years Oscars:
"The 2014 (86th Annual) Academy Awards may have been absent of a Pixar nomination this year, but they still didn't disappoint with a few Pixar surprises scattered throughout the broadcast  (even during the commercials). Host, Ellen Degeneres, joked that the clips shown in an "animation heroes" segment were a little light on Finding Nemo and Google surprised us with a simple, yet inspiring commercial which showed clips of young filmmakers searching for tips on how to create their own masterpieces - all while including audio excerpts from the astounding TED Talk speech
 (Clues to a great story) by the brilliant Pixarian, Andrew Stanton.

If you have watched Stanton's TED Talk previously (originally from February 2012) you may notice that the commercial seamlessly stitched together six separate "clues" that he discusses during the presentation. The audio from the commercial states,

We all love stories - we’re born for them. They can’t be artificially evoked. It doesn’t always mean plot or fact. They aren’t an actual exact science, that’s what’s so special about stories - they’re not predictable. It’s capturing a truth from your experience. It could cross the barriers of time, real and imagined, expressing values you personally feel deep down to your core. And that’s the first story lesson I ever learned. 
 To add to the emotion, the Google commercial also features the second half of the track titled, Ending (by Thomas Newman), featured on the Finding Nemo complete score soundtrack given to the cast and crew of the project. The song Ending is similar, yet not the same as the Nemo Egg (Main Theme) on the standard soundtrack as well." -Pixar Post

Overall, though Pixar wasn't nominated as much it is nice to see some tribute. See you soon!

Post 14: New Cars Toon!!!

Hi everybody! Today, I will start doing news posts only on ONE news story. So, now enjoy this text from "Pixar Post";

"Today thanks to Entertainment Weekly (and the keen eye of our reader, Rachel), we have more details from the Spring release of Pixar's newest short, Radiator Springs 500½. Along with the release, the EW article also points out that RS500½ will also kick off a new series of shorts called, "Tales From Radiator Springs". (The second film in the series will be called To Protect and Serve which we discussed a few weeks ago and appears to now be slated for a 2015 release instead of fall of 2014.)

The official synopsis from
Disney Insider for the six minute short is -

A “leisurely drive” planned in honor of Radiator Springs’ town founder, Stanley, turns precarious as Baja pros descend on the town and challenge Lightning McQueen to an off-road race. Meanwhile, the townsfolk, led by a Stanley-costumed Mater, enjoy the planned “leisurely drive” to retrace Stanley’s original frontier route. Thinking they’re on the same course, a wrong turn sends McQueen and the Baja pros on a treacherously wild bid for survival. The misunderstanding leaves the racing professionals in awe of the “legend” of Stanley: the Original Off-Road Racer.
In the article, Gibbs also fills us in on some background and inspiration surrounding the vehicles that we'll see in the short.
Gibbs, (Scott) Morse, and the Pixar team had a lot of fun with the new characters, who were inspired by the racers who compete in Mexico’s famous Baja 1000 race. “They have all these different classes for that race, so we tried to pick the most interesting cars,” says Gibbs. “So there’s four of them: a Baja Bug, a Class-1 dune buggy, a Meyers Manx dune buggy, and a trophy truck, the big money ones, you know, with huge suspension and huge wheels.”
So, although an official release date has yet to be announced, we do know that the short will not premiere on the Disney Channel as was discussed at the 2013 D23 Expo, but will instead premiere as part of Disney's new app/service "Disney Movies Anywhere". The new service, as highlighted in the video embedded below was originally thought to only be a portal to stream digital copies of your Disney/Pixar/Marvel movies - but with the announcement that RS500½ will premiere in the app, it seems that Disney may have more ways to utilize the app in the future (potentially game releases as well)." -Pixar Post
Also, if your wondering why this is post 14 is because I forgot to make one. Anyways, see you next time with more news!