February 5, 2014

Post 114: Annies,Parties,and Stories! with Star Wars!!!

Hi everybody! We are finally back, sorry for the time gap it was because there was not much Pixar news. Now we have a collection of stories of the Pixar universe! First, in the Annie's we have a couple of news, as seen in the video in the front of this post Pixar won 5 Annie's this year for 'Monsters U' and 'TS of TERROR!'We love that Pixar won awards for their brilliant storytelling, even if they lost Best Animated Feature to "Frozen" which was well given.Now on to the next news!
Now, on our last post we talked about the new MU short which is now going to be in front of the new Muppet movie this year and there is a little story there a easter egg will be hidden in the film I wonder what it will be!?!
Well, this year will not be the year without Pixar, because this year a new Pixar holiday special will be shown to join classics hopefully and will most likely be shown on ABC first. And will be seen durning this holiday It will be called, "Toy Story That Time Forgot" I can't wait after seeing the last Toy Story Special! And I hope it is like the Christmas ending in the first TS! "Wow! A puppy!" -Andy,First Toy Story.

Now, our last news as told by the Incribles question mark there is one thing people are asking! Pixar Star Wars?!? Some people say its happening some say it is just a rumor and for me, I will like to see Pixar do Star Wars will it be a crossover over orangial? What will be?!? Also, people say Brad Bird is directing it well I'm not so sure for that. This may or may not happen so far its a rumor. Anyways, see you next time. And also, my 'WALL-E' review is coming. So see you next time!!!

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