February 10, 2014

Pixar Review: 'WALL-E'

Hi everyone! Welcome back to my series of posts I've been meaning to bring back my Pixar reviews! Today, I look at my favorite Pixar movie, WALL-E!
Plot: In a vision of the future, a lonely robot who has a job of cleaning a planet named, Earth (ever heard of it?). On one normal day a spaceship comes down with a robot named, EVE. Slowy, the old robot starts to have feelings for the newcomer and even follows her to a big cruise ship in the sky where all the humans have gone to.

Cast Highlights: Ben Burtt (WALL-E), Elissa Knight (EVE), and of course John Ratzenberger as John.

 Now, let's jump to my thoughts on the movie. Being my favorite Pixar movie I have lots of good things to say and I like the opening the best and some people who don't like silent, this is not your movie. I think this movie has so much good things in it I can't think of anything that is bad barely. I love this movie and it might be just pure fandom but I'm giving the movie a perfect 10/10!