January 3, 2014

Post 112: Monsters University for Awards,Ratatouille Ride,and 2014!

Hi everyone! And welcome to 2014! And yes, the site will get a new makeover this year. And not much has happened lately but we still have more news on Pixar.
'Monsters U' has been nominated for awards this year and we have news and stories on that! My first story on this is that Pixar didn't get nominated for a Golden Globe this year! Surprising, isn't it? Well, at least I hope 'Despicable Me 2' or 'Frozen' wins and to get more info on this go to the 'Pixar Post' post! (Click here) And our next story is for the Oscars, Pixar has made a poster for a nomination for Best Animated Feature and Best Score. Check that out here. And the next story is in Paris!
Disneyland Paris is making a new ride based off the film, 'Ratatouille'! The name of the ride is "Ratatouille: The Adventures of Zany Remy" (Well, it doesn't really say that when translated.) And DLRPToday just shared some news! Once again, click on this link. And what I think on this is that it's great that a movie that is set in Paris is going to be a ride in Paris! And that's all the news for now! So, see you next time and more posts in 2014!

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