September 19, 2013

Post 111: Changing of Dates and Terror! Trailer

Hi everyone! Welcome back! We have bad and good news in Pixar.

First, Pixar has changed the dates for "The Good Dinosaur" and "Finding Dory". The dinosaur film will now be seen by people on November 25th, 2015 and the sea adventure will get put on the big screen on Summer 2016. Now you might be wondering what will they do next year the answer is...nothing. As sad as it is the Pixar fans will have to wait a whole year. And as for the "Monsters University" short we don't know what will happen so far it Pixar will show it to people. Now let's go to happy news!

As seen above you can see a trailer for the all new "Toy Story of Terror!" and you can see it October 16th, 2013 on ABC at 8:00pm.

See you soon! More happy news coming to see. So see you then...bum,bum,bum!

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