September 12, 2013

Post 110: Big Recap and Pixtober!

Hi everyone! Welcome back to our blog! Today we have lt of news. So, lets jump right in!
First, a director change has happened again! This time with "The Good Dinosaur". It was supposed to be directed by Bob Peterson, a worker at Pixar who did the voices for Roz, Mr. Ray, and Dug. But now he's not as said by his Twitter page. I wonder who the new director will be!

Next, this next month which will talk about afterwards will be the month Pixar will show on ABC, "The Toy Story of Terror!". And now we finally have a video that shows us what is might ne like. Check out the ad from not U.S.

Last, next month might be called, "Pixtober". Because loads of stuff from Pixar coming! The list of things are:
-Toy Story of Terror!
-Toy Story coming to Disney Infinity.
-Monsters University Blu-ray.
-Cars 1 3D Blu-ray.
-and hopefully a teaser for The Good Dinosaur.

We'll see you next time! Bye!

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