August 9, 2013

Post 106:The 3-D Era and Movie Updates!

Hi everyone! Today,we talk all about the new era of 3-D! Like new list of extras from the Blu-ray of "Monsters University"!

First, the last time we had a 3-D re-release (Monsters, Inc.) people like myself had pretty much mixed feelings. Now in days, Disney wants to make more major money makers but now they are just slapping them on 3-D Blu-rays for example:"The Little Mermaid" was going to be in the movies. But, now they just made it a "only-for-Blu-ray" thing where now they are forcing people to get 3-D players. Like in "Cars 2", where they only put behind the scenes on the 3-D Blu-ray. Now, you maybe asking what this has to do with Pixar. Well, now Pixar movies are doing the same thing. The first one to do this is their 2006 movie, "Cars". And now can pre-order it on Amazon. For the link click here. For my thoughts on the movie, click here. 

Our next story is what I talked about in the front: bonus features for the "MU" Blu-ray and 3-D Blu-ray.
Direct from "The Rotoscopers":
-Story School
-Campus Life
-Scare Games
-Welcome To MU
-Music Appreciation
-Color and Light
-The Blue Umbrella
It comes out October 29th!

Last,we have news on Pixar's next films and "Toy Story of Terror!".

"The Good Dinosaur"-A teaser for Pixar’s next feature film was shown the audience, introducing the central “what if?” of the movie. An asteroid flew past the earth, a dinosaur looked at it and simply kept eating. Footage was not very cartoony.
Co-director Peter Sohn and producer Denise Ream then talked about the movie, telling us all the dinosaurs are farmers, each one fulfilling a different function.They showed a clip of dinosaurs plowing fields and tending to crops. Lasseter had previously mentioned the characters were farmers in a previous interview.
The main character will be Arlo, an apatosaurus! And here’s the cast: Lucas Neff (as our hero, Arlo), John Lithgow (as Poppa), Frances McDormand (as Momma), Bill Hader (Forrest), Neil Patrick Harris and Judy Greer (Ivy).
Then, a clip or Arlo meeting a caveman boy was shown. First human (or bug, as the dinosaurs apparently see them) a dinosaur has ever seen! His name is Spot! Arlo and Spot are both outsiders that will befriend each other. It could be interesting if the human don’t talk yet but the dinosaurs do…
Also, Party Central: A Monsters University inspired short film debuted at the conference! Uncharacteristically, the short WILL NOT be released as a special feature on the Blu-ray (Out Oct. 29) but in front of The Good Dinosaur!
Stitch Kingdom called the short “AMAZING!”, while Inside The Magic said it was “HILARIOUS”. We noticed a lot of caps sued to describe it!
"Inside Out"-Pete Docter, director of the 2015 movie, took the stage to present his movie along with the film’s producer, Jonas Rivera. While introducing them, Lasseter called the film one of the most original movies he’s ever been associated with! High praise indeed!
The girl, whose mind we’ll see, will be named Riley. She’s blonde and she loves sports, especially hockey. San Francisco and her will be the settings of the movie. Her emotions will be the stars of the movie. Lewis Black will voice “Anger”, Mindy Kaling voices ”Disgust”, Amy Poehler will voice “Joy”, Bill Hader (again!) will lend his voice to “Fear” and Phyllis Smith will play “Sadness”.
The audience got to see a bit of footage and storyboards and they appear to be amazing. It’s a REALLY exciting movie!
"Finding Dory"-Presented by Andrew Stanton, the director of the movie, he revealed he had the idea for the movie two years ago: “Where is Dory’s family?” and that the events take place a year after Finding Nemo.
Ellen DeGeneres will return to voice Dory and Albert Brooks will also return as Marlin. Diane Keaton voices Dory’s mom and her dad is played by Eugene Levy. Their names are Jenny and Charlie. Bailey the whale will have the voice of the hilarious Ty Burell! Ana ctor who won’t be part of this movie is Bill Hader, who jokingly walked on stage after having been announced as part of the cast of both The Good Dinosaur and Inside Out.
"Toy Story Of Terror"-The first ten minutes of the upcoming Halloween-themed Toy Story television special Toy Story of Terror has been screened at D23. The roughly half-hour program is set to air on October 16th on ABC.
In the footage, (descriptions courtesy of ComingSoon’s Sila Lesnick) we see that our toy friends aren’t in Bonnie’s room nor some fast food place. Instead, they’re in the trunk of a car (Bonnie’s parents drive a minivan, though) watching a film about Dracula on a small portable television set. There are some fun bits where thespian Mr. Pricklepants picks apart the cliches that are apparent in the horror film they are watching. The car stops at a hotel, the toys are in a backpack (Bonnie’s?), the atmosphere is creepy…
Mr. Potato Head goes exploring, but he goes missing! The gang searches, coming across Potato Head’s arm along with his tracks… Apparently he’s stepped into some mysterious green ooze! Almost all of the toys are taken away by a “fast-moving, mysterious force” whilst searching, leaving Woody, Buzz and Jessie! Making their way out of a vent that leads into the hotel’s bathroom, Jessie is separated from the two and is grabbed by a Combat Carl doll (voiced by Carl Weathers) who is missing an arm. He warns her that the place they are staying at certainly is not safe! But that strange force grabs Combat Carl. Jessie runs, we don’t see what captured the doll. Cut to black…
It’s good to see this special taking the toys to more locations, rather than just doing something in Bonnie’s house. It seems like Pixar and Pixar Canada have nailed all the spooky Halloween elements quite well, and the short should be chock full of horror movie references (The Shining ought to get a significant amount of spotlight!) and whatnot. But best of all, it seems like it’ll be more than worth watching. Hopefully more surprises await us in the full special!
See you soon! And see...wasn't this worth the wait?

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