July 23, 2013

Post 104:"Inside Out" Interview!

Hi everyone! To the latest and greatest post of our little blog.

The "Hollywood Reporter" talk to Pete Doctor about his latest Pixar Animation Studios film, "The Inside Out".
Pete said it will have something to do with energy and they are things inside them for each feeling. Like happy,sad,angry,etc. I thing these "inside" characters will act like the seven dwarfs from "Snow White". We should see some comedy because Pete has made the funniest characters like Mike and Dug. This is going to be the first time Pixar will make two films in one year. In 2015, Pixar is giving us both this film and "Finding Dory". That's it for updates. Stay tuned for more news all about Pixar. And don't worry my "WALL-E" review is coming. 'Til then see you soon!

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