June 4, 2013

Pixar Review: 'Toy Story 2' (UPDATED)

Hi everybody! It's time to review Pixar's first sequel...Toy Story 2.

All the toys are back. And Andy is going to a super cool cowboy camp and he is taking Woody with him. But then Woody's arm rips and gets put up on a shelf and he can't go. Then,a garage sale is happening but one of the old toys is getting put in the box. So, Woody wanted to save him. But got stolen by a toy collector/toy shop owner, Al. So now the other toys must save him. Along the way Woody meets some other toys in his collection.

Cast Highlights:
  • Tom Hanks by Woody.
  • Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear (#1 and #2).
  • Joan Cusack as Jessie

Final Thoughts:
The toys are getting loved again, this is one of those rare sequels that are so well made and handled. I haven't met a reviewer who hated it! And though it's not my favorite Pixar movie, I'm not stopping the love train for this movie, because it gets a 9/10.