June 11, 2013

Pixar Review: 'The Incredibles' (UPDATED)

Hi everybody! Today I'm going to review Brad Bird's first film at Pixar...

In a city called Metroville, Supers are everywhere and are the best heroes. Then, One day the Supers get banned and they are made to became mean business people. Then, Mr. Incredible, the top dog in Supers gets a call to do fighting again because their robot is out of control! It turns out the whole was so a villain really named Buddy (who prefers Syndrome) could trap him. Now he must save the day now before Buddy takes over.

Cast Highlights:
  • Craig T. Nelson as Mr. Incredible
  • Samuel L. Jackson as Frozone
Final Thoughts:
Brad Bird is awesome. He brings creative storytelling to Pixar to a whole new level. And tough I have not seen Iron Giant yet, all of his movies are cool. And tough it feels a bit unfitting with the more edgy feeling, I going to give it a 8/10.