June 1, 2013

Post 94:MU Awesomeness and Disney Infinity Racing!!!

Hi everyone Summer news is easily following in!
So let it begin!

First,the final...EXAM trailer is here! And I love the parts we see young Mike and how much he wants to be a scarer!!!

Next,"Pixar Post" is having other contest to win signed dream jornals like in this movie clip (But signed by the director.).

Next, put on your dacing shoes and go bust a move in this video with one of the coolest songs ever,"Roar" from "Monsters University".

Last, "Disney Infinity" has posted a video of what awesome racing you can do in the world of the Toy Box. I love that you can race a person with a living car. There's just something that makes it so awesome.

See you next time on "A Little Lamp".

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