June 26, 2013

Post 101:"MU" Easter Eggs,Box Office,and "The Good Dinosaur" Story!

Get ready for our next post of "A Little Lamp" starting...now!

"MU" Easter Eggs-

When I saw the film I only saw...
Little Mikey (the doll from the first film) which can be seen near the first act, the Ball (from "Luxo, Jr") on a wall near "Act Two", "The Winds Of Change" (saying from the first film) on a wall near "Act One", and John R. (who is in every Pixar film) play Young Snowman at the end of "Act Three".

But now I know of more of them!!!

  • A113-(which is a room at CalArts) The code for one of the classroom.
  • Pizza Planet Truck-(which is from "Toy Story 1") When they try to catch Fear Tech's pig.
  • "The Good Dinosaur"-(Pixar's next film) Dino-toys are found in a room.
Box Office for Pixar's New Hit!

Pixar did it again now with around 82 Million Dollars!!!

"The Good Dinosaur" Plot Details
We now know of more of Pixar's next epic!!!

Now we know or you guessed that in this different world people keep "dinos" as pets! How awesome is that!!!

See you soon!!!

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