June 26, 2013

Post 101:"MU" Easter Eggs,Box Office,and "The Good Dinosaur" Story!

Get ready for our next post of "A Little Lamp" starting...now!

"MU" Easter Eggs-

When I saw the film I only saw...
Little Mikey (the doll from the first film) which can be seen near the first act, the Ball (from "Luxo, Jr") on a wall near "Act Two", "The Winds Of Change" (saying from the first film) on a wall near "Act One", and John R. (who is in every Pixar film) play Young Snowman at the end of "Act Three".

But now I know of more of them!!!

  • A113-(which is a room at CalArts) The code for one of the classroom.
  • Pizza Planet Truck-(which is from "Toy Story 1") When they try to catch Fear Tech's pig.
  • "The Good Dinosaur"-(Pixar's next film) Dino-toys are found in a room.
Box Office for Pixar's New Hit!

Pixar did it again now with around 82 Million Dollars!!!

"The Good Dinosaur" Plot Details
We now know of more of Pixar's next epic!!!

Now we know or you guessed that in this different world people keep "dinos" as pets! How awesome is that!!!

See you soon!!!

June 22, 2013

"Monsters University" Review is going to take a while.

Sorry. You'll have to wait. But don't worry dudes, I'll do it after "Brave". Oh, and I should also tell you when I finish all of the films (up till' "The Good Dinosaur" comes) I'll review the shorts. Don't worry my "Ratatouille" review is on its way!


Monsters Mash-Ups:Bonus Round:"Luxo, Jr.","Orange Bird",and More!

Hi everyone! Today, we have a bonus round of mash-ups! And our reviews of "Monsters University" & "The Blue Umbrella" are coming soon!!! See you then!!!

June 21, 2013

Pixar Podcast:Episode 103

Hi everyone! "Monsters University" looks really good. I have not seen it yet. But it looks good. Well, for now enjoy the "The Pixar Podcast" review at this link. See you soon!!! NEXT EPISODE: "The Blue Umbrella" interview.

Monsters Mash Ups:"Up","Steamboat Willie",and More!

Hi everyone! Today's the day! "Monsters University" is coming to theaters today! And after seeing the film. I will give my thoughts on the film. Anyways, the last batch of "Monsters Mash-Ups" is here. To check out all of the great last pieces of art! Go to here. And go to Round 2 here. And go to the first one here. See you soon! And today PixArt will make a MARVEL-themed artwork. See you soon! 

June 19, 2013

Pixar Review: 'Cars'

Hi everyone! Today, I will review Pixar's with their first movie with their auto-mobile friends!

The Cars gang is all here!

Meet the fastest race-car in town, Lighting McQueen. In one mean trick turns into the car ending up in Route 66. The first person he meets there is Mater, a rusty old tow-truck. And he then meets all the others like, Sally who ends up falling in love with. Now he must pave the town and get back in the race. While he starts to feel for the town.

Cast Highlights:
  • Owen Wilson as Lighting McQueen
  • Larry the Cable Guy as Mater
  • Bonnie Hunt as Sally
Final Thoughts:
And the end of the day, though not the best, it has heart and great animation. And some pretty cool racing scenes! This one gets a revved up 6/10.

See you soon!!! Next time, I cook up something only Brad can do. 

June 18, 2013

Pixar Podcast:Episode 102

Hi everyone! Today, marks other day of other episode of "Pixar Podcast". In this one, the host interviews the producer of "Monsters University"...Kori Rae. Find this episode at this link. See you soon!! 

Celebrating 100 Main Posts:"Monsters U" Premiere and More Clips!!! (UPDATED)

Entrance to the premiere event of "Monsters University".
Hello Everybody!!! We have made it to 100 main posts. And just in time with this awesome news!!!

Look at these awesome images of the premiere event of "Monsters University" on the blue carpet in California!!!
All these fans waiting to see the film.
Cheerleaders were seen at the event...MONSTER CHEERLEADERS!!!
(UPDATE: I found the video!!!)

Also here is some and maybe final clips and commercial of the motion-picture, "Monsters University".
 (See the rest here.)

See you next time on "A Little Lamp".

June 16, 2013

Monsters Mash-Ups:Batch Two:"My Neighbor Totoro","Wreck-It Ralph",and More!

Hi everyone! The second batch on mash-ups! With movies like "Star Wars" and "Wreck-It Ralph".

To see all of batch two go to this link. Don't worry the last batch will be next week!!! See you soon!!!

June 14, 2013

Post 99:"Star Player" "Monsters University" Clip

Hi everyone! Pixar has released a short clip on their latest work of art, "Monsters University" just a couple days before it hits theaters on June 21st (or in the U.S.A. on June 20th). Kind of like how on "Brave" they put a short clip on YouTube where the three triplets stole some mini cakes. Anyways, here is the clip. See you soon on "A Little Lamp".

Post 98:"Disney Infinity" Contest Trailer+Bouns Extra News!!!

Hi everyone! Today,get ready for the coolest "Disney Infinity" trailer yet! Made for everyone who like contests. And I will still do reviews maybe staring tomorrow. And I also have other news Disney is doing a treat for all of U.S.A., Seeing "Monsters University" One Day Early! Will you see it one day early, too?!? See you soon!!!

June 12, 2013

Post 97:"Monsters U" Plush Toys

Hi everybody! It's still not time to see "Monsters University"...but you can now buy these awesome plush toys mainly found at "Disney" stores. Starting with these "Build-a-Scarer" which is basically a plush-version of  this online game.

And also don't forget to buy the Oozma Kappa Brotherhood plush toy line!!!

And don't forget to see the movie on June 21st. And see you soon on "A Little Lamp"!!!

June 11, 2013

Pixar Review: 'The Incredibles' (UPDATED)

Hi everybody! Today I'm going to review Brad Bird's first film at Pixar...

In a city called Metroville, Supers are everywhere and are the best heroes. Then, One day the Supers get banned and they are made to became mean business people. Then, Mr. Incredible, the top dog in Supers gets a call to do fighting again because their robot is out of control! It turns out the whole was so a villain really named Buddy (who prefers Syndrome) could trap him. Now he must save the day now before Buddy takes over.

Cast Highlights:
  • Craig T. Nelson as Mr. Incredible
  • Samuel L. Jackson as Frozone
Final Thoughts:
Brad Bird is awesome. He brings creative storytelling to Pixar to a whole new level. And tough I have not seen Iron Giant yet, all of his movies are cool. And tough it feels a bit unfitting with the more edgy feeling, I going to give it a 8/10.

June 10, 2013

Post 96:"Monsters University" TV Spots!!! (UPDATE)

Hi everyone!Don't miss the lastest episode of the "Pixar Post Podcast"!!! As the movie gets closer to it's June 21st release we have some TV Spots from New Zealand. Check them out at "Upcoming Pixar" at this link. And my review of the film will be released on June 22nd some point during the summer. And as we wait watch this funny "Monsters University"-themed video... 

See you soon on "A Little Lamp".

June 9, 2013

Pixar Podcast:Episode 101

Hi everybody! "Pixar Podcast" has made the 101 mark on their episode list. In this one,the crew meets the director of  "Monsters University",Dan Scanlon and talks with him. See you soon!!! And the episode can be seen here. And in their next episode they meet the producer of the film.

Monsters Mash-Up Batch One:"The Incredibles","Brave",and more!

Hi everyone! Today,we are bringing you the first batch of Pixar Times' "Monsters Mash-Up"s. Here are some of our favorites:

More Mash-Ups are on June 14th. And to see all of the first Mash-Ups are at: http://pixartimes.com/2013/06/07/pixart-monsters-mash-up-round-1-mixes-with-the-worlds-of-star-wars-lord-of-the-rings-beauty-and-the-beast-more/.

See you soon!!!

June 6, 2013

Pixar Review: 'Finding Nemo' (UPDATED)

Today were going down a under the sea and the waves.

In the Great Barrier Reef, lives a clownfish named Marlin. One day, his only son named, Nemo get kidnapped. So his father must team up with a memory-loss fish, Dory to learn to live free and find Nemo. Meanwhile, Nemo is in a fish tank and he realizes to take live calm sometimes.

Cast Highlights:
  • Albert Brooks as Marlin
  • Alexander Gould as Nemo
  • Ellen DeGeneres as Dory
Final Thoughts:
Andrew Stanton is my favorite director, from his first movie to his later works like WALL-E.  This movie also has great animation and awesome storytelling. Tough it has some frighting stuff that even looks a bit too creepy for me. But other then that Pixar gets 9/10 for this one. Also it is my favorite Pixar movie before WALL-E.

June 5, 2013

Pixar Review: 'Monsters, Inc.' (UPDATED)

Hi everyone! We're review the first Pixar movie to be so scary it's good!

Meet James P. Sullivan, also known as Sulley, the top scarer at a big company of the monster world, "Monsters, Inc.". There they collect children's screams and use it to give them power. Sulley works with old pal, Michael (also known as Mike.) and he is good at it too. One day, Sulley found a door and walked in side it. Then a kid comes out and into the monster world. Now Sulley and Mike need to bring the kid back into the room.
Cast Highlights:
  • John Goodman as Sulley
  • Billy Crystal (I think that's how you spell it.) as Mike.
  • A kid named Mary Gibbs as "Boo".
Final Thoughts:
Pete Docter did a great job. There was humor, heart, and great animation. But even if some things could be improved, it is still a great family movie. Because of that this one gets 8/10.

Next time were going to the big old blue. See you soon!!!

June 4, 2013

Pixar Review: 'Toy Story 2' (UPDATED)

Hi everybody! It's time to review Pixar's first sequel...Toy Story 2.

All the toys are back. And Andy is going to a super cool cowboy camp and he is taking Woody with him. But then Woody's arm rips and gets put up on a shelf and he can't go. Then,a garage sale is happening but one of the old toys is getting put in the box. So, Woody wanted to save him. But got stolen by a toy collector/toy shop owner, Al. So now the other toys must save him. Along the way Woody meets some other toys in his collection.

Cast Highlights:
  • Tom Hanks by Woody.
  • Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear (#1 and #2).
  • Joan Cusack as Jessie

Final Thoughts:
The toys are getting loved again, this is one of those rare sequels that are so well made and handled. I haven't met a reviewer who hated it! And though it's not my favorite Pixar movie, I'm not stopping the love train for this movie, because it gets a 9/10.

Pixar Review: 'A Bug's Life' (UPDATED)

Is there a feeling of bugs down your spine? Well, that might be because there is bugs down your spine or you can't wait for my review series continuing with A Bug's Life.

Meet Flik, an ant who always seems to make the other ants mad. One day, Flik made a machine for the annual harvest then it seems to mess up it by making the food end up in a lake. So Flik has idea to get warriors. But he sadly got circus bugs who only fight puns. But it's too late. The meanest grasshopper, Hopper is coming. Now they must save the day.

Cast Highlights:

  • Dave Foley (who is also going to be in Monsters University) as Flik.
  • Kevin Spacey as Hopper.
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Atta.
  • Hayden Panttiere as Dot.
  • Phyllis Diller as the Queen.

Final Thoughts:
A Bug's Life is a fun, heart-lifting, fun animated story that I think most people should enjoy it. It's even one of the least known film by Pixar. But it might not be a Pixar classic I think it still has some boring parts. I'm giving it a 8/10.

See you next time on Pixar reviews.

June 3, 2013

Post 95:"Cars 3"?!?

Hi everybody! Look what I found online!!!:

"[BREAKING] Love it or hate it, the Cars franchise is very popular and gives Disney and Pixar lots and lots of money. This is why it doesn’t really come as a surprise that different sources and entertainment sites report a third installment has been confirmed. Cars 3 is scheduled to be released in 2016 (we knew there was a Pixar movie coming out that year yet we didn’t know anything about it).
No directors or screenwriters have been announced but we can assume John Lasseter will, at least, co-direct as with the previous two movies. It has been confirmedOwen Wilson, the voice of Lightning McQueen will NOT return for the threequel. Since Larry the Cableguy‘s character Mater was featured more prominently in Cars 2, we can safely assume he will be the star of Cars 3. 
We’ll keep you updated on any news regarding the second threequel Pixar has made after Toy Story 3."
I guess Pixar just loves the "Cars" cast and didn't want to say bye just yet. What do you think? Should this happen? Put it in the comments. See you soon! UPDATE: It was a prank from online.

June 2, 2013

Pixar Review: 'Toy Story' (UPDATED!)

Hi everyone! We are doing our review on Toy Story 1.

Woody, a pull-string cowboy doll wants to all ways wants to be Andy's favorite toy. But until Andy get a new hot snot fancy toy with all sorts of gadgets on him arrives, Woody is the meanest toy in the group. Why? Because, Buzz (the new toy) took over his spot as favorite toy. And even Andy's entire room. And then one idea turns into a misunderstanding all toys say bring back Buzz. But of course he doesn't at first because with Buzz being lost Andy takes Woody to his favorite place to eat, Pizza Planet. Then on the way the two toys find themselves at a gas-station and lost. Then they ride on one of the trucks. (Of Pizza Planet.) and make it there but then gets lost and found in the toy-Frankenstein's house,named Sid. Now they must get back home before they into monsters.

Cast Highlights:

  • Tom Hanks as Woody
  • Tim Allen as Buzz
  • Pixar's good luck charm, John as Hamm.
  • Don Rickles as Mr. Potato Head.

Woody is happy for my good rating I gave the  film.

Final Thoughts:

Toy Story 1 is always has and been a classic. And not just Pixar films but in Disney history! And some people you might know might have seen this movie when they were young. And though I don't have that much of a connection to it I still enjoy it. And since this movie, "To Infinity and Beyond"  has been used many times since. And because of that "Toy Story 1" gets a 9/10.

June 1, 2013

Post 94:MU Awesomeness and Disney Infinity Racing!!!

Hi everyone Summer news is easily following in!
So let it begin!

First,the final...EXAM trailer is here! And I love the parts we see young Mike and how much he wants to be a scarer!!!

Next,"Pixar Post" is having other contest to win signed dream jornals like in this movie clip (But signed by the director.).

Next, put on your dacing shoes and go bust a move in this video with one of the coolest songs ever,"Roar" from "Monsters University".

Last, "Disney Infinity" has posted a video of what awesome racing you can do in the world of the Toy Box. I love that you can race a person with a living car. There's just something that makes it so awesome.

See you next time on "A Little Lamp".