May 31, 2013

Post 93:Summer Starter Recap!

Hi everybody! Today, let Summer begin! I'm going to do all sorts of stuff like redo/review some Pixar movies,my review of "Monsters University",and a recap of Pixar Times "Monsters Mash-Ups"!

And also we have lots of stuff to recap of the end of May!
First, after seeing mostly "Brave" and "La Luna" on Pixar's website a lot. We finally "Monsters University" and the short in front of it on the Pixar website! You'll think this isn't such a big deal. But I thought it was cool.

Next, were seeing more of the "Monsters University" playset on the "Disney Infinity" YouTube page. Here they are:

Playset Trailer:
Sulley Trailer:
Mike Trailer:
Randy Trailer:

Lastly,remember on our last post when I gave you some commercials? Well, here's some better ones in HD by clicking here.

See you soon more cool stuff is coming this Summer on "A Little Lamp".

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